Places, everyone! We’ve got a show to do! Well, more like an article to write on the Disney Cruise shows. There are two main reasons to head out on an ocean cruise – the food and the shows, and luckily these are the two things Disney is well-known for. The big question is whether or not they have brought their renowned Broadway productions to the Disney Cruise theaters. There is only one way to find out. Grab some popcorn, the show is about to begin!

Disney Dreams is one of the Disney Cruise shows

How Does It Work?

Once you embark on your Disney Cruise, every night aboard the ship there will be a different performance of a show. Each night there are two productions, an early show at 6:15 pm and then a late show at 8:30 pm. Which show you would attend would be determined by your rotational dining choice.

Onboard all Disney Cruise ships the nightly shows take place within the Walt Disney Theatre. All of the theatres are located towards the aft (rear) of the ship usually on one of the lower levels.

Cruise Insights: We recommend trying to get to the shows at least 15 minutes prior to the performance starting to find a good seat.

Tangled The Musical is one of the Disney Cruise Shows

What Are The Shows?

Which Disney Cruise ship are you on? Each of the ships has a different line up of Disney Cruise shows. On our trip aboard the Disney Magic we were treated to the following performances: Twice Charmed, Disney Dreams, and Tangled: The Musical. Each of the ships includes one feature or larger production around the retelling of a Disney movie, for example, Tangled or Frozen, that is unique to the specific ship. The other productions are original shows written specifically for the Disney Cruise Line that put a twist on the stories we know and love. There was also a comedian who performed a variety show one night which we chose to forgo.

Fantastic! All the productions we saw on our cruise were impressive. There were original songs and the scripts were familiar yet fresh. No spoilers here, but let’s just say keep your head on a swivel for some of the shows!

Cruise Insights: For all Disney Cruise shows the staff requests that guests do not film or take pictures of the productions within the Walt Disney Theatre.

Pirates in the Caribbean is one of the Disney Cruise Shows

Beyond The Theatre

To the top deck and beyond! Ok Buzz, we’re flying to the top of the ship! Disney Cruise shows are not just contained within the Walt Disney Theatre alone, they extend to the outdoor stage as well! A few times on your trip, shows (or deck parties) will take to the deck in form of the Sail-A-Way Party on your first day and the Pirates in the Caribbean nighttime show on Pirate Night.

In the DVC Duo house, both of these shows are can’t miss for different reasons. For the Sail-A-Way deck party, it sets the tone for your vacation! Who doesn’t love a lighthearted tropical dance party complete with characters in Hawaiian shirts?! Hello, vacation! In regards to the Pirates in the Caribbean deck party, where else are you going to see fireworks at sea? The only thing more impressive is the amount of other cruise lines lining up in the distance for a peek!

Cruise Insights: On Pirate Night we recommend watching the show from the “balcony” area, as it’ll give you the best view of the fireworks.

Our Thoughts

How do they do it? It blows our minds how the production staff pulls off these amazing shows. We’ve seen traveling Broadway shows in our local theatre and we would say these are on par. From the performers to the production and the overall originality, we give them two thumbs up. Definitely worth it! All that’s left to do is see the shows on the other ships! We’d better get planning!

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