We spin you right round, yeah, right round! Yep, we went there. We’re not here to talk about records, though, no we’re here to talk about Disney Cruise rotational dining. After embarking on our cruise ship, the next big thing to understand about a Disney Cruise is how dinner works. Alright, let’s lace up our dress shoes and take a spin around the Disney Magic to learn more about Disney Cruise rotational dining!

Inside the Disney Cruise rotational dining room of Lumiere's

Prior To Cruising

You know how we like planning! When booking a Disney Cruise there are only a few items you’ll need to plan. Whether it’s potential excursions in the different ports of call, to onboard activities like champagne tasting, or in this case your Disney Cruise rotational dining. At the time of booking, you’ll be asked what is your preferred dining time and table layout. Dinner times are either early, which is between 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm or late which is between 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Table layout is whether or not you want to share a table with other guests or have a private table for your party.

Cruise Insights: We’ve found the later dinner time tends to have more adults compared to the early dining time.

one of the Disney Cruise rotational dining options is Lumiere's

How It Works

Let’s dine! First things first, how does Disney Cruise rotational dining work? On all Disney Cruise ships, you’ll find three different dining rooms. Each night you’ll dine at one of the restaurants, then head to another restaurant the following night and so on. What is unique is your wait staff will follow you from restaurant to restaurant each night. We love this aspect, as the servers really get to know what you enjoy and make recommendations based on your preferences and their experiences!

Your dining time will be the same each night based on which option you selected prior to boarding. If you’re looking to change dining times we recommend heading to guest services once onboard to see if they are able to accommodate.

Cruise Insights: You can find the restaurant you’ll be dining at within the Disney Cruise App under your daily itinerary.

One of the Disney Cruise rotational dining restaurants is Rapunzel's Royal Table

Magic Restaurants

Yes, they’re definitely a magical experience. However, we’re referring to the actual restaurants associated with the Disney Cruise rotational dining on the Disney Magic. Onboard you’ll find five restaurants, with three of the restaurants as part of the rotational dining. The three restaurants are Lumiere’s, Artist Palette, and Rapunzel’s Royal Table. The two not associated with rotational dining are Palo and Cabanas.

On your first trip around the rotation, you’ll find each of the restaurants has a unique menu and potentially a “show”. We’ll keep the spoilers to ourselves. On your next pass through the restaurants, they shift to menus that are the same across all the dining rooms. You’ll continue your Disney Cruise rotational dining with the same staff.

Cruise Insights: We like to book Palo for any night other than the first three, so we can enjoy the uniqueness of each of the restaurants.

Our Thoughts

It’s one of our favorites aspects of the Disney Cruise. We love to experience new restaurant themes and menus on a regular basis. With the Disney Cruise rotational dining, we’re able to that, while on a ship. Alright, next up on our rotation is Rapunzel’s. We’ll see you there!

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