Our room awaits! Beyond the lunch buffet, the next big thing to see on the first day of your Disney Cruise is your stateroom. For our sailing on the Disney Magic, we stayed in a Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom. It looks like our room is ready. Let’s head down the second deck and open that door for the first time!

Picture of Walt Disney within our Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom

Room Type

Every Disney Cruise has a variety of different room types. On the Disney Magic, the options include the following type of staterooms, inside, oceanview, verandah, and concierge. Our room is the Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom, it’s room 2078 to be exact. The 214 square foot room sleeps 3 to 4 people and includes a queen bed, single sleeper sofa (if 2 or 3 guests), upper berth pull-down (if 4 guests) and either one large porthole or two smaller portholes (in Category 9D staterooms on Deck 1).

On the Disney Magic, you’ll find options for the Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom on the following decks, 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7.

Cruise Insights: The lower decks feel less of the movement (swaying) of the ship. If you’re looking for the smoothest ride you may want to consider a lower deck.

Door to our Disney Cruise Oceanview Stateroom

We’re In

Woohoo! Stepping into our Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom for the first time was impressive. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of different cruise line staterooms and we have to say the Disney Cruise is by far the most spacious. From the oversized porthole to the split-style bathroom and the amount of natural light, we had high expectations walking in and needless to say, they were all exceeded! Let’s breakdown each of the aspects of the room.

Cruise Insights: One of the big things to do on every Disney Cruise is decorating your stateroom door. Walking around the ship you’ll see all kinds of amazing door decorations.

bed in our Disney Cruise Oceanview Stateroom

The Bed

Is there anything more important than the bed? We think not. Like true travel professionals every time we step into a new room we got to take that flying leap onto the bed to test it. After sticking the landing, we got a 10 from the French judge, we noticed right away that Disney Cruise Line went with the same beds you find most of the deluxe resorts at Walt Disney World. We were smiling from ear to ear.

Additionally, we opened the soft bed to check it out as well. What we liked the most about it was how the convertible bed included a full matress, not the typical folding mattress you find in most sleeper sofas. Our Disney Cruise oceanview room was configured for three guests, so we did not have the upper-berth pull-down bed.

Cruise Insights: Between the bed and sofa there is a curtain that allows you to separate to the two sleeping areas if you’re sharing the room with other people.

Shower room in our Disney Cruise Oceanview Stateroom

The Bathroom

Or should we say bathrooms! In our Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom, we had a split bathroom. One of the bathrooms had the shower, tub (yes, tub) and a sink. In the other bathroom were the toilet and another sink. First and foremost, we’ve never seen a tub in any of the standard staterooms on other cruise ships, this is a huge benefit for families with little ones. Additionally, we found having two sinks in the room to be a big time saver when getting ready in the morning or for our dinners.

Cruise Insights: All rooms include a hairdryer, as well as the H20 bath and shower products. For us, we like to travel as light as possible and found these perfect for our cruise.

The Storage

Doesn’t everyone pack too much? We definitely do. No matter how hard we try we always end up with more luggage than we need. What was fantastic about our Disney Cruise oceanview room was the ample amount of storage space, both for what we brought and our luggage. Our room had a good-sized closet for hanging anything we wanted, along with shelves and drawers inside. Around the room, there were two nightstands with drawers and a desk with drawers and shelves as well. Needless to stay we had plenty of room to unpack then storge our luggage under the bed.

The one area that could have used a little more space for us was the counter space/shelving in the bathroom. Not a huge issue, especially with the bathrooms being larger in size.

Cruise Insights: None of the rooms include an iron or ironing board. If you need on the ship all you’ll have to do is call your room steward and they’ll bring one.

Our Thoughts

Best cruise ship room we’ve had! When comparing the Disney Cruise oceanview stateroom to similar options on other ships, there is no comparison. Every little detail is well thought out. We found the room to feel a lot larger than the 214 square feet, especially with all the natural light from the oversized porthole. We would definitely book this type of room on our next Disney Cruise. Our room review is in the books!

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