We’re back and talking apps! No, not the bite-size goodness from the Nomad Lounge, we’re here to chat about the Disney Cruise Navigator app. Similar to a trip to Walt Disney World, where My Disney Experience is your best friend, Disney has an app for the cruise line. We’re getting down to the essentials in this DVC Duo guide to the Disney Cruis Navigator app. Let the downloading begin!

The Disney Cruise Navigator app is available in iTunes and Google Play Stores

What Is It?

It’s an app, Nate. Yes, yes it is. The Disney Cruise Navigator contains everything you’ll need both prior to setting sail and while on your Disney Cruise. Whether you book through a Disney travel agent or on your own the app will become your new friend. After booking your cruise everything you’ll look to do can be done within the app, from making your payments to book excursions and anything in between. If you have a My Disney Experience account, your information should be the same with the app.

Cruise Insights: You can download the Disney Cruise Navigator app at any time to use the app you’ll have to load your reservation number and birthday.


Before your embarkation day, there is a variety of things you can do within the Disney Cruise Navigator. First and foremost you can review all the fun activities to sign-up for, whether it’s champagne tasting or shore excursions, as well as the famous Palo brunch. The app has all the details and associated prices. As soon as you book your cruise you can begin reviewing your activities and when you book events.

Prior to stepping aboard one of the best things you can do within the Disney Cruise Navigator is to check into your cruise. Within the app, you’re able to fill out all your documentation including adding each of your party’s passport information. Additionally, you’re able to add a credit card to your room for on ship charging.

Cruise Insights: Leading up to your cruise the app includes a fun countdown screen showing how many days until you set sail. On your first day, the countdown counter turns in Disney emoji. Say it with us, awwww!

You'll have the option to connect to the internet via the Disney Cruise navigator app

Staying Connected

All Disney Cruise ships include WiFi and depending on your cell phone carrier you may have international coverage in ports. What’s important to know is on the first day, every guest can connect to the internet and receive 50 MB of internet usage at no additional charge for the duration of your sailing. This offer is only available on the first day. Beyond the free offer, you’re able to purchase data packages to stay connected through [email protected]

Whether you decide to purchase data or not on the ship, the Disney Cruise Navigator app will work when connected to the WiFi. If you purchase data through Disney Cruise Line the use of the app does not count towards your allotment.

Cruise Insights: We always like to put our cell phones into airplane mode once aboard the ship to ensure we do not incur any roaming charges.

Examples of what you can do with the Disney Cruise Navigator app

While Aboard

The Disney Cruise Navigator app is filled with tons of information once you’re aboard the ship. Below is a breakdown of tall the different things you can do:

  • Find your rotational dining time and the first restaurant
  • Review each of the restaurant’s menu and dress code
  • Maps to each of the decks
  • Daily activities on the ship, including the different character meet ‘n greets
  • Specials for the day, like Drink of the Day
  • Port related information
  • Basics around allowances, transportation, etc.
  • Stateroom folio
  • Times and floors for the different Youth Clubs and Lounges

When reviewing the different activities you’ll see a heart in the upper right corner. If you click on the heart it will turn red and automatically be added to the “My Activities” section. When the time comes for the activity you’ll receive a push notification reminding you of the event. It’s a great way to not miss anything while you’re enjoying your cruise.

The last big part of the app is the messaging system. Within the Disney Cruise Navigator, you’ll find a messaging app that lets you stay in touch with your party while aboard the ship. It’s a fantastic way to let people know where you are or heading, as well as just chat. You’ll also receive communication from the cast as well. Additionally, if your kids are enjoying the youth clubs you’ll receive messages every time they check-in or out (if you let them have the ability to do so on their own).

Cruise Insights: Recently, Disney Cruise just updated the app to allow guests to put a deposit on their cruise directly through the app.

Our Thoughts

Fantastic! Overall, we found the app to be very easy to use and set-up. Without much research or practice, we were able to take full advantage of the functionality. We would highly recommend at least one person within your party to have the app, as it is the best place to find all the different activities. Alright, let’s check our phones to see what should enjoy next!

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