Who says the magic has to end! Disney at home is a real thing and it’s totally possible to bring the magic home with you. Without stealing your favorite Disney character. By no means do we support, condone, or recommend the stealing of any Disney character. #sarcasm. Anyways, back to talking Disney at home. We’re opening the doors to our house and sharing how we keep the magic going!

The Obvious

What can we say, we like to state the obvious. Someone has to, why not us! By far the way most Disneyphiles keep the magic going with Disney at home is content. Whether it’s watching YouTube video, listening to a Podcast, or of course reading your favorite blog, content is the easiest way to keep Disney in your life. The other most obvious way is Disney Plus or Disney movies and shows as a whole. Whether it’s a Disney movie night, or be sucked into our new favorite Disney plus show the Mandolorian, Disney has a plethora of content to enjoy.

bringing Disney at home via monopoly

Game Night

No, we’re not talking about the hilarious Jason Bateman movie. A good watch, but definitely not Disney at home worthy. Did anyone else just quote Gareth and Wayne in their head? “We’re not worthy”. When we say game night we’re talking about board games and puzzles. We like to spice up the traditional games with Disney inspired versions, like Monopoly. Dibbs on the doom buggy piece! Whether it’s Clue or Disney Villians, you can usually find these games at your favorite big box store or via a little online shopping.

Beyond the traditional board games, there are a variety of interactive games for either game consoles or your smartphone. You may catch Nate playing Disney Emoji Blitz from time to time, but let’s keep that secret between us, deal? Deal!

One way to bring Disney at home is making recipes

Try The…

Grey stuff! We know you said grey stuff when you read it. We would say it’s delicious as well and worth a try when at Be Our Guest for lunch. Speaking of food. See what we did there, in the blogging world we like to call that a smooth transition. Outside of the attractions, one of the big reasons we love Disney so much is the food. From the tasty treats to the grab and go meals, and our favorite sit down restaurants dishes, these are things would like to enjoy every day. And we can! Well, at least in our own way.

What are we talking about? We’re talking about channeling our inner Remy and making your way to the kitchen. One of the things we like to do for more Disney at home is to whip up our favorite recipes. There are tons of recipes to choose from and it doesn’t always have to be the whole dish. Once and while we like to work in a Disney inspired side dish with our meal.

drinking coffee and enjoying Disney at home

The Little Things

It’s all about the little things when talking Disney at home. For we keep it simple, whether it’s enjoying our morning coffee from a Disney mug to wrapping ourselves in our Disney blanket to keep warm. Each and everything little helps keep the magic alive. It could be as simple as popping some popcorn and enjoying it your favorite refillable Disney popcorn bucket. Bonus points if you’re enjoying a Mickey Premium bar at the same time!

Our Thoughts

There are endless ways to bring the magic home. The big question to ask is which way works best for you and your family? Additionally, Disney is also creating more ways to bring the parks into your home. For example, they just launched the Walt Disney Imagineering in a box with Khan Academy. You can check it out here. You can bet Nate will be checking out the courses. Alright, the time has come, we’re off to the kitchen! You thought we were going to say Neverland, huh? Gotcha!

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