Mail? We like mail! Could our mail get a little more interesting with a Disney 50th anniversary subscription box? More and more things are moving towards subscription-style services, from tv with Disney+, to our technology with iPhones, rumblings have begun around a Disney 50th anniversary subscription box coming soon. Slip-on your shoes we’re heading out to the mailbox to see if we got mail!

Rumor Origin

Everything has an origin or at least needs an origin story. Much like our favorite Marvel characters, our Disney 50th anniversary subscription box rumor has an origin story as well. Walt Disney World is well-known for its guest surveys, as they are used on most everything. From evaluating guest satisfaction to gaining insight for new projects and everything in between Disney uses the surveys to help make decisions.

The surveys are also the source of many of the rumors like the addition of DVC boutique resorts and changes to the Imagination Pavilion. Once again the surveys are the source of the latest rumor around a Disney 50th anniversary subscription box.

Passholder Insights: Almost everything in Walt Disney World has a backstory. One of the most interesting backstories is in Dinoland USA.

What Was Asked?

In a recent survey, Walt Disney World started asking guests around their buying habits as it related to subscription-style services. Questions ranged from do you subscribe to a monthly “gift” box to how frequently you receive it and even the price range you pay. The questions were very direct and clear around what Disney was looking to gather in regards to information.

Passholder Insights: When walking around the parks if you see cast members with tablets and white button shirts that say Disney Research, these are the cast members would issue the surveys.

What It Could Be?

Umm….a Disney 50th anniversary subscription box? Well, yes. Subscription boxes are nothing new to the Disney Community, and there are a variety of services out there. Our friends over at Capture the Magic, compiled a list of the best Disney subscription boxes of 2020 for reference. Disney could be looking get more into the subscription box market. The big question is what would Disney include this type of service. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, the Disney subscription could be centered around merchandise related to the 50th anniversary.

With Walt Disney World gearing up for its biggest celebration yet, it’s expected many guests will head to parks. Additionally, it’s expected many guests may not be able to make it to the parks but still want to partake in the celebration. This is where the Disney subscription box could fit in nicely. Walt Disney World could use the service to move merchandise related to the celebration away from their Character Warehouse (outlet) and direct to fans.

This is still a very early stage rumor, with Disney still gathering information around the overall demand for this type of service.

Passholder Insights: Christmas shopping is celebrated all year at Walt Disney World if you’re looking for a Christmas item check out these shops.

Our Thoughts

It’s peaking our interest. For us, the big questions would be, what’s included? And, how much would it cost? We love Disney related items and our home has tons of Disney related items spread throughout. However, our concern would be around getting items that may not be an item we would have purchased ourselves. If it includes limited edition 50th anniversary merch, count us in!

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