World Showcase is getting larger! Make way for more attractions. You thought we were going to say, Prince Ali, didn’t you? It’s ok, we were watching Aladdin while writing this article. Be warned, there could be more Aladdin reference later on. Coming out this year’s D23 Expo Bob Chapek outlined the updates that will transform Epcot in the years ahead. In the last edition of our four-part series, we’re breakout the passport and making our way around the oldest of Epcot neighborhoods, World Showcase. Strap on your cross-trainers we’ve got over a mile to make ours around the whole new world! 

The World Showcase area of the new Epcot layout is unchanged.
Upcoming Epcot Neighborhoods

Same, But Different 

Anchoring the new Epcot landscape is the World Showcase. Combining the area with the three new neighborhoods, World Discovery, World Nature, and World Celebration, we’ve got a complete view of the all-new Epcot. Many of the major changes coming the back half of the park begin prior to the D23 Expo, but that doesn’t there weren’t any surprises. 

When finished, the World Showcase will see all of the same countries, just a few many be a bit larger than before. That’s right, the slam dunk projection of a Brazil Pavilion being added did not happen. There is much speculation about why it was not announced, but ultimately Disney did not announce it, and we’ll have to wait and if it will happen. 

Passholder Insights: The World Showcase opens daily at 11 am, however Frozen Ever After opens at the same time as Epcot’s front entrance. 

France Expansion Concept Art coming to the World Showcase
Concept Art for the France Pavilion Expansion

What’s Cooking? 

When it comes to cooking is there anyone better to ask Remy? No, definitely not. Soon Epcot’s France pavilion will about double in size with the addition of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the Beauty and Beast Sing-along. The attractions will open at different points within 2020, with the Beauty and Beast taking the stage in January and Remy opening his kitchen in summer. 

What’s got us excited, beyond Remy, of course, is the new sit down and quick-serve restaurant coming to the area. With the addition of La Creperie de Paris to the France Pavilion expansion, makes the pavilion is largest when it comes to food options. It’s music to the DVC Duo’s ears. We’re learned the official opening date will be the summer, similar to when Remy Ratatouille Adventure opens. 

Passholder Insights: With Disney Skyliner now open, you can get grand views of the new area both arriving and leaving on the gondolas. 

A Cherry Tree Lane area of the UK Pavilion is coming to the World Showcase
Concept Art for Cherry Tree Lane

Spoon Full of Happiest!  

In heart touching moment at the D23 Expo Dick Van Dyke took the stage to announce a Mary Poppins related attraction. What the attraction could be is still being decided as there are many options on the table. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, the process is still fluid around designing the attraction around Mary Poppins.

What we do is the exterior will be a reproduction of Cherry Tree Lane, with Admiral Boom in tow. Guests will enter the Darling house, Number 17, to kick-off the experience. From there is still a lot of speculation of Disney could do. We cover the different options in the following article

For now, we’ll have to wait to see what Disney releases. 

Passholder Insights: You can’t go wrong with the food options in the UK Pavilion, from both a quick-serve and sit down restaurant perspective. 

Concept art for the new night show coming to the World Showcase, HarmonioUS
HarmonioUS Concept Art

Two New Night Shows 

One right after another. When IllumiNations ended on September 30, 2019, Epcot Forever began the following night. The new nighttime show honoring the history of the park through music, fireworks, and dancing kites, is planned to run for 6 to 8 months before making way for the permit show. Described as the largest nighttime spectacular in Disney history, HarmonioUS will combine music, floating set pieces, LED panels, moving fountains, lights, laser, and fireworks. 

HarmonioUS will tell the story of how Disney music has inspired people around the world. It’s expected to include a variety of Disney characters, we’re projecting it would be characters related to the World Showcase countries. Based on Disney’s description, we’re picturing a combination of the World of Color from Disneyland, Rivers of Light at the Animal Kingdom, and gorgeous fireworks from IllumiNations. 

Passholder Insights: It’s expected the best spots to watch the new Epcot nighttime shows will be similar to IllumiNations, and the shows will be performed in the round. 

Our Thoughts 

New experiences without the removal of anything, sign us up! Beyond the aforementioned changes, Epcot’s World Showcase will also new circle-vision movies for the Canada and China Pavilions. We were surprised to see no announcement of a new country to the World Showcase, however, if we had to guess we’re thinking we may see announcement in the near term. Just a hunch. We covered a lot of ground on our walk, it’s time for a break! No place to kick our feet up than in the Mexico Pavilion. Margarita anyone? 

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