It’s a whole new world! World Nature that is, Abu. When Bob Chapek took the stage at the 2019 D23 event for the parks and resorts presentation everyone knew Epcot would be the focus. With the 40th anniversary of the park, the year following the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World now is the time to kick-off the updates. In the first of four part series we’re diving deeper into each of the new Epcot world’s. Moana is waiting, let’s set sail for the World of Nature to discover everything we know!

World of Nature is part of the update to Epcot's Future World
New Neighborhoods at Epcot

Our Future Is In the Past 

Oh wait, that ride is in the Animal Kingdom. Anyways, you know what we’re getting at. With the announcements at D23 Epcot’s Future World is gearing up for a transformation into three new neighborhoods, World Nature, World Celebration, and World Discovery and one all time favorite, World Showcase. It’s the end of an era for Future World, as Walt Disney World looks to move forward to a new neighborhood concept for this area of the park.

The Epcot Spine update began in late spring with the changes to the entrance area. Fast forward to today, and major changes are kicking-off with the removal of the Innovention East building, part of the Innoventions West, and the Fountain of Nations to make way for more green space. With the majority of green space being part of the new World of Nature neighborhood.

Passholder Insights: Looking for coffee? During construction, the Fountain View Starbucks will be relocated. At the moment the exact location has not been confirmed by Walt Disney World, but rumors have it moving to the Odyssey building near Test Track.  

The Land Pavilion is part of the new World of Nature section of Future World
Entrance to The Land Pavilion

Welcome To The Neighborhood  

We’ve got be good neighbors! The new World of Nature neighborhood will consist of the Land Pavilion, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and the recently announced Journey of Water inspired by Moana. The big addition to the World of Nature is the Journey of Water. From what we learned at the D23 event this area will be a walkthrough attraction, with a variety of paths for guests to explore the area.

In addition to the Journey of Water inspired by Moana, the World of Nature neighborhood will have a second new addition opening in January 2020. Inside the Land Pavilion, the new Awesome Planet will showcase a variety of the natural wonders of the world. Located above Sunshine Seasons the Awesome Planet show is a welcome addition to the Land. 

Passholder Insights: One of our favorite things to do is head towards The Land pavilion at rope drop to ride Soarin’. 

Journey of Water is part of World of Nature section of Epcot
Journey of Water Concept Art

Journey of Water 

What could we expect from the new Journey of Water inspired by Moana? We’re glad you asked! In the DVC Duo house, we have a few ideas on what we could see happen. From a concept perspective, the layout could be very similar to the Oasis area at the Animal Kingdom. The well-shaded area is filled with a variety of path options and areas for guests to stop and view the animals. In the Journey of Water, we’re projecting the stopping areas to be interactive points where water will be triggered by the guests. The mechanism to trigger the water could be a guest’s Magic Band or even the Play Disney Parks app.

The big question every Disneyphile has about the new attraction is what level of Moana themeing could we see in the Journey of Water. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, the addition of Moana to the attraction was a late decision at D23. For the DVC Duo, this leads us to believe there will be subtle hints to Moana over anything else, similar to how the concept art includes a simple node to her. 

Passholder Insights: Right outside the land is our favorite spot for Disney popcorn. Heading towards the Imagination Pavilion there’s cart offering different popcorn flavors. 

Our Thoughts 

Love it! It’s great to see the Future World area of Epcot receive updates. Over the years, this area of the park has not had a lot of attention or overall direction. With the announcement of the new neighborhoods, it keeps with the original concept of Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), as the neighborhoods related directly to the “city” concept. The addition of the Journey of Water to the World of Nature section really brings everything within this neighborhood together. Welcome to neighborhood Moana!

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