Festivals for the rest of us! Raise your hand if you got the Seinfeld reference. We could talk about Seinfeld all day, but we’re here to discuss World Celebration at Epcot. It’s been just over a month since the D23 Expo, where Bob Chapek laid out the groundwork for the transformation coming to to the park. In our third part of our four-part series we’re partying the day and night away in Epcot’s World Celebration neighborhood. You grab the kazoo’s and we’ll get the party hats it’s time to discuss all we know and what would see coming to the neighborhood!

World Celebration is the center of the new Epcot Neighborhood layout
Upcoming Epcot Neighborhood Layout

Full Picture  

It’s all coming together! Adding World Celebration to the other two neighborhoods, World Discovery and World Nature, we’ve got a full view of the new front half of Epcot. The transformation of the World Celebration area is fully underway. At the beginning of September, the following areas were shutdown for construction, Club Cool, Fountain View, Innovations West, and the Fountain of Nations. As part of Epcot’s update, all the buildings and fountain associated to this area will be removed to create more green space.

When complete, the World Celebration neighborhood will consist of the following attractions, Spaceship Earth, The Odyssey, Imagination, a new Festival Center, Mouse Gear, and the new park entrance. For more details on the new park entrance check out the following article

Passholder Insights: Fountain view was home to Epcot’s Starbucks. Walt Disney World has not formal announcement where the temporary location will be located, but rumors have it in the Odyssey. 

World Celebration concept art for the entrance area
Concept Art of New Epcot Entrance

Iconic Change 

Epcot’s icon is Spaceship Earth. The giant geosphere has been rumored to be undergoing a refurbishment for many years, and it was confirmed by Bob Chapek at D23. Details around the changes are still fluid as Walt Disney Imagineering are working through the overall concept. We’re digging through all the information and will have a full report coming soon. What we do know is the attraction is more likely making its last trip through the history of communication in the January/February 2020 timeframe.

Passholder Insights: The back of the Spaceship Earth building will become Dreamers Point with the focal point being a statue of Walt Disney. 

Odyssey Pavilion concept art for World Celebration neighborhood
Concept Art of Odyssey Pavilion

Homer’s Home 

No not Springfield, and no not Homer Simpson. We’re talking about the Odyssey Pavilion. Sitting between Test Track and Mexico Pavilion, the Odyssey Pavilion has previously been used as the Festival Center for events like Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. Upon reopening on October 1, 2019, Odyssey Pavilion will be the location for Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience. At the root of it, the Odyssey Pavilion will be the go-to location for all new things coming to Epcot. Disney Imagineering will be showcasing interactive exhibits around all the new attractions and neighborhoods within the park.

Concept Art for the new Festival Center coming to World Celebration in Epcot
Concept Art for Festival Center

Festival Home

Still no official name, but we’re calling it the Festival Center. At the back of the World Celebration neighborhood, overlooking the World Showcase will be a new three-story pavilion. Breaking down the pavilion we know the following for each level. On the first floor will be an open-air plaza potentially featuring pop-up shops, as well as the permit location of Starbucks. The second level will be all about the current festival. This level will be home to all the festival merchandise. 

Where the Festival Center gets exciting is on the third floor. Described as a park that sits in the sky, the top-level will be green space with majestic views of Epcot. What is still known about the third level is how it will be used by Disney World. Our best guess is it will be used for dessert parties associated with the upcoming permit show.

Passholder Insights: From the concept art it appears Disney is including a purple path connecting the front of the park to the World Showcase. According to Jim Hill or Jim Hill Media, the path is to help guests easily make their way to the back of the park. 

Entrance to the Imagination Pavilion
Imagination Pavilion

Let’s Imagine! 

Pink elephant or should we say purple dragon of the D23 Expo was the Imagination Pavilion. With the announcements around all other aspects of the park, the one area Bob Chapek did not speak of is Figments home. In the DVC Duo house, we have an assumption as to why. Our best guess is Disney is holding back a variety of details for more announcements throughout the year with the Imagination Pavilion being one of them. As we discussed in our Imagination Pavilion article there is still a strong change the pavilion go through a major update. Based on the location within World Celebration there’s a strong possibility it could become an Inside Out related attraction.

Passholder Insights: Just outside the Imagination Pavilion is our favorite Disney popcorn stand. We recommend mixing up the sour cream and buffalo flavors. 

Our Thoughts 

We’re excited and sad all at the same time. The new Festival Center building looks gorgeous and will be the shining piece of the World Celebration neighborhood. We can already see ourselves enjoying a dessert party in the new park in the sky. We’re definitely sad to see the Fountain of Nation leave, based on the concept art there could a small fountain in its place, but it will not be the same. Overall, we’re excited to celebrate all the new attractions and experiences coming to Epcot! 

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