The future is now! Wait, isn’t now present not the future? For the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland theming, the future could be in the past. Yeah, we stole that line from one our of favorite Animal Kingdom rides, Dinosaur. Thank you, Dr. Seeker! Back to our topic, Tomorrowland themeing. Let’s head down Main Street USA, and take a right into the future! Or past? You know what we mean, Tomorrowland.

The Good Word

Not The Good Place, but the good word. In March of 2019, Bob Iger confirmed what a lot of Disneyphiles thoughts of what was in store for the Tomorrowland themeing, when he said major overhauls are coming. As part of a shareholder meeting, Disney’s CEO let it be known that Disney World Imagineer was working on plans for the land, but at the time they were no ready for any type of announcement.

Many thought an announcement would come as part of the parks and resorts portion of the D23 Expo, your favorite bloggers included. The event came and went, with no hints around what Imagineering was cooking up.

Passholder Insights: At park opening, most people head right to Tomorrowland and Space Mountain. We like to head left towards Frontierland and Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain to avoid the crowds.

What We’ve Seen

The last major overhaul to the Tomorrowland themeing occurring in 1994 when the land was transformed into a steampunk vision of the future. After the hint of change from Bob Iger small changes around the land started popping up. The first major change was to the rock formations around the entrance to Tomorrowland, in April of 2019. A futuristic blue tone was added to the rocks, making for a more colorful entrance.

Over the summer we saw a change to the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe sign. The new design was node back to the 1980’s feel of the Tomorrowland themeing, with a sleeker, cleaner overall look. The sign matched the updates to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor sign we saw in December of 2018.

Our biggest change came in September of 2019 with the change to the lands entrance sign. Following in the footsteps of the previous sign changes to the updated look is all about simplicity. In the artistic world, it could be called a minimalist style or even use of restraint.

Passholder Insights: You can find the infamous Purple Wall after crossing the bridge with the Tomorrowland sign and looking to the right. It’s a Instagram must!

The new Tomorrowland Themeing can be seen in the Monster, Inc sign.

What It Tells Us

The ’80s are the future! We did say our future is in the past. With the new Tron Lifecycle Coaster opening in 2021, it looks like the Tomorrowland themeing is shifting to mimic the attraction. The clean lines and retro look we see in the Tron concept art, speaks directly to the changes we’ve already seen.

The big question is what’s next? With the holistic changes to the overall look of the land, it could mean major updates for some of the attractions as well. We’re looking at you Tomorrowland Speedway and Stitch’s Great Escape. Moving to a retro vision of the future makes a lot of sense, as it instantly becomes timeless.

Passholder Insights: For the best views of the Tron Coaster progress you’ll want to take ride of the PeopleMover.

Our Thoughts

Tomorrowland is the one land at the Magic Kingdom that is in need for a little TLC. We’re not saying it’s a scrub (give yourself a high-five if you got that reference), but the overall direction has been a little disjointed in recent years. Moving the Tomorrowland themeing to a retro feel of Tron would provide a lot of symmetry with land’s new iconic attraction. Rumors are once Tron opens we could see a major overhaul to Space Mountain, but that’s for another article.

We should continue to see these smaller changes leading to Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. After 2021 we would expect to see larger changes to land as it relates to the attractions. For now, let’s look to the future and a big beautiful tomorrow!

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