Light speed to Disney World! Not all resorts are created equal and this definitely holds true with the new Star Wars resort on the horizon. With Star Wars Galaxy Edge in full swing at Disneyland and opening at Walt Disney on August 29, 2019, Disney is on to phase two of its Star Wars plan. The land has been cleared, the foundation has been poured, and the building is taking shape, sounds like the perfect time to dive into everything we know about the new Star Wars resort. Ready R2? Prepare for light speed!

Star Wars Resort Construction Progress via photo from bioreconstruct
Construction Photo via Bioreconstruct

Not Your Average Resort

Immersion is the name of the game. All things Star Wars are meant to transport you to a galaxy far far away, whether it’s flying the Millennium Falcon, joining the Resistance, or building the perfect droid companion, the new Star Wars resort is bringing it to the next level. In what is referred to as Live Action Role Playing or LARP for short, the Star Wars resort is employing a one of kind experience for all Star Wars fans.

From the moment you walk into the resort, you’ll be immersed in the experience. Dawning Jedi robs you’ll be ushered into the movies and part of the action. Guests will be assigned roles and missions, both in the resort and in Galaxy’s Edge, to carry out during your trip. Whether it’s flying the Millennium Falcon, or chatting up the bartender at Olga’s Cantina for intel, you’re part of the Star Wars Universe.

How Your Stay Will Work

All aboard the Star Wars resort? Unlike a traditional resort, the Star Wars resort will have select check-in and check-out dates. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, Disney will operate the Star Wars resort in a similar fashion as a cruise ship. Resort guests will check-in for what is rumored to be either 2 or 3-day stays. Available check-in dates will be linked to specific days of the week or specific dates. All guests will check-in and out on the same dates.

Construction progress of the new Star Wars Resort at Walt Disney World via photo from bioreconstruct
Construction Progress via Bioreconstruct

Check-In Experience

Your experience begins the moment you step into the resort. Walking up to the front desk will be the only aspect of your stay that is similar to a normal resort. Themed after a transport station on Earth, the lobby is the beginning of your journey. When your room is ready you’ll make your way to the transporter that will “launch” you up to the Resistance Battleship.

Rumor has it the “launch” experience could be similar to the elevator they will use in the new Space Restaurant opening in Epcot’s Future World this year. The elevators would use a combination of visual and physical effects to simulate the journey from earth to space.

Star Wars Resort concept art for guest rooms
Concept Art of Rooms

Your Quarters

Once open the Star Wars Resort will have the lowest total guest occupancy on property. It will be Disney’s first boutique-style resort. With estimates ranging from 34 to 100 rooms, the rooms will be an experience all to themselves. Every room will have grand views of…outer space; Disney is using advanced screen technology to recreate the Star Wars environment. Don’t blink or you risk missing your favorite planet.

With Disney filing a variety of patents, it’s not yet fully clear which technologies will be included within the resort rooms. One patent that would be amazing to see incorporated is a “hologram” based technology where different characters could be projected into a room. We would love to see Yoda make an appearance in our room!

Star Wars Resort activities concept art
Concept Art Mission Area

What We Came For

It’s time to don our Jedi robs and join the Resistance. What will make the Star Wars Resort stand apart will be the experience. Your room will serve as the rally point for a variety of missions. Orders will be delivered to your room; this is where we could see the hologram technology come into play. Missions will range from experiencing the attractions in Galaxy’s Edge to finding a particular character within the parks to pass along information, and other experiences within the resort. We could find out more information about the wide range of missions at D23 in August.

The experiences continue within the Star Wars Resort. Similar to Oga’s Cantina in the park, the resort will have its own cantina where the bartenders will play a part in your experience. They will know how you’ve done on your missions and share stories from around the galaxy.

All cast members at the resort will play a role in telling the story of your adventure. Everyone will have a backstory on how they fit into the Star Wars Universe.

Concept Art for Star Wars Resort Guest "Window"
View Out Guest Room “Window”

Off to Galaxy’s Edge

Staying at the Star Wars Resort will not be your typical Walt Disney World vacation. Most likely your stay will not include trips to the Magic Kingdom to ride Big Thunder Mountain or sailing through Arendelle to find Olaf at Epcot. Park time will definitely be part of your adventure, just in a new way.

Guests staying at the Star Wars Resort will head off on missions to Baatu through a special entrance into Galaxy’s Edge. The Star Wars Resort will have a unique transport system from the resort to Star Wars Galaxy Edge, where guests can enter Hollywood Studios via Galaxy’s Edge. Transportation from the resort to the entrance is still unknown, rumor has it could include a “tunnel” like tram system that would simulate a blast through space.

Concept art for the Star Wars Resort Cantina Area
Cantina Area

Dining Experiences

Besides the Star Wars Resort cantina (name still unknown), Disney has yet to announce other dining options. We do know from the resort blueprints there will be a dining area within the Star Wars Resort. With the resort operating like a cruise ship, we envision a few options for resort dining. The first option would be scheduled dining times like a cruise ship where all guests dine at the same time. Bringing everyone together for a meal would create an opportunity to continue the immersion and story of a guest’s stay.  

Second would be more traditional dining where storylines would be flexible and unique to each guest. If we were gamblers we would put our money the option two, as it would create special moments for every guest. Additionally, the dining room blueprints show the area being configured in more of buffet-style dining, which lends itself to a flexible dining scenario.

Our Thoughts

Breaking the model on how guests experience Walt Disney World is fantastic to see. The Star Wars Resort adds another option on how a guest can experience both the parks and the Star Wars universe. Slated to open in 2021 the resort could see rapid expansion depending on the overall guest demand. Walt Disney World already has plans for phase two of the resort. The expansion will be decided by the overall success of phase one. The one key piece of information that is up in the air is the overall cost per stay. Rumors are flying around what the price could be, and what we do know is regardless of the price the Star Wars Resort will be a very popular resort. Let’s gear up for our first mission! 

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