Merch? We thought it was all about the bass, right Meghan? Well, at Walt Disney World it’s all about the merchandise, and it will be no different when it comes Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merch. Over the past month Disney has released information around the Galaxy’s Edge merch we’ll see when the land opens on August 29, 2019. To make it simple, every Star Wars fan’s dreams are coming true. Let’s use the force and see if we can predict what the top 3 Galaxy’s Edge merch items will be. Grab your favorite Magicband it’s time go shopping!

Lightsabers from Galaxy's Edge Merch

The Obvious One

Quick, when we say Galaxy’s Edge Merch what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Lightsabers, exactly! Now we’re not talking about the old school plastic lightsabers we’ve all seen around the parks, we’re talking authentic lightsabers. Light up Kyber crystal blade and all. Guests will be able to custom build their own lightsaber based on one of the following design themes.

  • Peace and Justice – Jedi styling from Republic era
  • Power and Control – Sith style from the Dark Side
  • Elemental Nature –  Components from Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones, and Rancor teeth
  • Protection and Defense – Components from ancient motifs and inscriptions

Creating your lightsaber will be a truly unique experience. Guests (15 at a time) will enter Savi’s Workshop to build the lightsaber in a 20 minute experience filled with backstory and potentially a Jedi encounter. Disney has yet to release the exact pricing of the experience, but it’s rumored to be around $150.

Passholder Insights: Additionally, Galaxy’s Edge will include movie replica lightsabers that can be purchased outside of Savi’s Workshop. Rumored pricing is around $300.

Droid examples for Galaxy's Edge Merch
Droid Depot Examples

Our Favorite  

Who doesn’t want their own droid? We can already see BB-8 rolling around the house. As part of Galaxy’s Edge merch, guests will be able to customize their own droid in the Droid Depot. From the body, to the head, and even legs can all be different colors. Once you’re droid is created you’ll be able to deck them out in a variety of tools that will nicely fit into your driod’s body.

We’ve saved the best part for last. What is a droid without a personality? Not a droid we want to meet that’s for sure. As part of the building process you’ll be able to select from 3 different personalities, First Order, Resistance, and Smuggler. Once your droid has a personality it will interact and react to a variety of things within Baatu. Hmm..if you choose the smuggler personality and take it on the Millennium Falcon ride, will something happen? How cool would that be?

Passholder Insights: If you would like a droid without customizing it the Droid Depot will have pre-built options to choose from including BB-8, R2-D2, C-3PO, and even DJ Rex from Oga’s Cantina.

New Coke bottles could be considered Galaxy's Edge Merch
New Coke Product Bottle

Merch comes in all forms, and sometimes the most popular souvenirs are the ones that weren’t meant to be souvenirs. In what we’re predicting as the most affordable, and potentially most popular Galaxy’s Edge Merch is the new Coke product bottles. That’s right, those plastic bottles you get when you buy a soda.

Why so? Great question. Disney and Coca Cola recently announced that Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will have unique bottles for the land, they will include a new shape and the labels will be written in Aurebesh (Star Wars language). Guests will only be able to purchase the bottles within the land, which means there’s only two places to get them, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World and Disneyland. Can you say potential collector’s item?

Additionally, the pricing is what will make them such a great keepsake as Coke products at Disney sell for $4 for soda, and $2 for Dasani. Disney has not stated if the pricing will change in the land, one thing we’ve noticed is the bottles seem to be smaller than the typical 20 fluid ounces

Our Thoughts

Overall, the Galaxy’s Edge Merch looks amazing, the big question will be is what’ll be your first purchase? Disney is taking it to the next level with the merchandise. They are creating one of a kind experiences for guests to use their souvenirs to interact within the land. Let’s make a deal, you save us a spot in line for the lightsaber, and we’ll get the droids!

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