Rey needs our help! We’re less than two months away from the opening of the second attraction at Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge which means it’s time for a Rise of the Resistance update! On August 29, 2019, Walt Disney World opened the gates to its most ambitious project to date, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. With the majority of the land open to guests, the only piece missing is the keystone attraction. May the force be with us on this Rise of the Resistance update! 

Lightspeed To…Wait! 

No lightspeed for you! Sorry Chewy, we’re the pilot of the Millennium Falcon this time. When Disney Parks announced the opening of Galaxy’s Edge for August 29, 2019, every Star Wars fan and Disneyphile found out about the two-phased approach for the land. A big piece of our Rise of the Resistance update is around the aspects of the ride that, let’s say, needed Chewy to bang on them a few times. He’s got that Wookie touch! 

Passholder Insights: At Oga’s Cantina the headline drinks are the Yum Nub and Cliff Dweller which come in specialty glasses and the prices reflect you keeping the glass. You can order either drink without keeping the glass, just ask your Batuuian server or bartender. 

Let’s Get On Track  

Oh, we have! Rise of the Resistance is on track to open December 5, 2019, at Walt Disney World and January 17, 2020, at Disneyland. The big question we’re answering in our Rise of the Resistance update is around the delays associated with the attraction. Similar to Mickey’s & Minnie’s Runway Railway, Rise of the Resistance is pushing the limits on the trackless ride vehicle technology. Trackless ride technology has three key aspects, the track, the car, and the guidance system, and with the new attraction, all three needed Chewy’s magical touch. 

It’s been reported and is reflected in the grand opening dates that the Walt Disney World version of Galaxy’s Edge was behind Disneyland. How does Walt Disney World have an earlier open date for Rise of the Resistance then? Great question! According to Mickey Views, the track for the attraction at both locations need to be replaced. With Disney World’s version still in the construction phase, it made for swapping out the track that much easier, compared to the Disneyland version which was almost complete. 

Passholder Insights: One of the best-kept secrets at Walt Disney World is mobile ordering. Recently, mobile ordering has been added to Rontos Roasters and Docking Bay 7

Why A New Track? 

We were thinking the same thing. Buried within the floors of the attraction is a “track” that is used to navigate ride vehicles through the different show scenes. The ride vehicles have a system that links to the track buried in the floor. It was discovered that aspects of the ride vehicles system we’re not working as expected and needed to be fully replaced. This is the same issue that occurred with the upcoming Mickey & Minnie’s Runway Railway that delayed the attractions to Spring 2020. With the ride vehicles being redone, it meant the track needed to be redone as well. This issue was discovered during the testing phase, as reported by Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media. Apparently, the ride vehicles were not property lining up with the last ride system within the attraction, as the guidance system within the ride vehicles were failing. As Chewy knows, it’s hard to navigate without a guidance system!

Passholder Insights: During Early Morning Magic hours, the best time to step in line for the Millennium Falcon attraction is just before the official park opening. 

Problem Solved! 

Thank you, Walt Disney World Imagineers! According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, the other reason Walt Disney World is opening its version of the attraction first is because the Imagineers working on the Walt Disney World version found the solution. The plan is for the Walt Disney World team to open Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios, then fly to Disneyland to do the same thing. Testing on the changes associated to the Rise of the Resistance update has resumed and everything is on track to open on December 5, 2019. 

Passholder Insights: Both Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run have Fastpass queues, it is still unknown when they will be opened. 

What We Know (#SpoilersAhead)

There are spoilers coming up around the storyline if you’re looking to keep everything a surprise feel free to skip ahead. Bits and pieces around Rise of the Resistance continue to pop-up, however, Disney has been very tight-lipped about its new attraction. In what Disney is calling its longest attraction (about 15 minutes) to date, we will be stepping into the ultimate Disney storytelling experience. Combining four different ride systems we’ll step off on a journey to help the resistance on a mission. Your mission begins with a message from Rey recruiting your help. You’re swept away into a transporter for your mission. Things take a turn for the worst and before you know it you’re coming face to face with the First Order on an Imperial Star Destroyer. With a little help from a former stormtrooper, you make your escape, before “dropping” back to Batuu. 

The vast scale of the Rise of Resistance cannot be overlooked. In the early glimpses of the attraction, we’ve seen one ride scene that’s on the scale of the Soarin’ ride system. That’s right, one show scene within the attraction takes of the same space of the Soarin’ ride building and is a field with 50 plus stormtroopers. According to people who’ve seen this show scene, they say words cannot describe the sheer size of the space. What makes the area breathtaking is how you’re staring off into space. 

Passholder Insights: For the reveal of Black Spire Outpost, we recommend entering Batuu from the Grand Avenue entrance near Muppet Vision 4D. 

Our Thoughts 

Worth the wait! We’re projection Rise of the Resistance will be the attraction to set the new bar on what a theme park attraction can be. From the storytelling to ride systems, everything we’re hearing from insiders is Disney will knock it out of the park with this attraction. Rise of the Resistance update, complete! Thanks for the banging Chewy!

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