“I will not be the last Jedi”, Luke said it best! Are you ready to join the rebellion? Soon we’ll all be able to fight back against the First Order in the Rise of the Resistance attraction coming to Star Wars Galaxy Edge in Hollywood Studios. In any battle, you always have to keep an eye on the quiet one. From Bob Iger’s announcement at D23 in July of 2017 until now all we’ve heard about is the Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run attraction. Over the Christmas holiday we all got a present in a video released by Walt Disney World. We got our first real look at the Rise of the Resistance attraction. The rebels are waiting, let’s discuss everything we know about the Resistance battle plans.

Rise of the Resistance Concept Art
Concept Art of Rise of the Resistance

The Concept

Every great battle plan involves the element of surprise. The Rise of the Resistance is no different. We’ve received several pieces of information that we’ve put together to build what we think will be the story. The attractions begins on Baatu, as you make your way through the queue where we encounter rebel forces preparing for battle within one of their Baatu bases. The Resistance recruits you to join the battle and before you know it you’re lightspeed to a First Order base.

With the help of your droid your mission will take you behind enemy lines, where you’ll encounters AT-AT’s, Stormtroopers and other members of the First Order. Hmm, maybe Kylo Ren?

How the story ends is still a big secret and for the purpose this of article we wouldn’t want to include any story spoilers.

Rise of the Resistance - Ride vehicle
Astromerch Perched on Ride Vehicle

The Ride Experience  

Boasted as the most immersive attractions during Disney Parks’ 63 year history, Rise of the Resistance is sure to be an epic journey. How the attraction will begin is still a mystery whether it will be a vehicle or a walk through of the Resistance base. The rumor is that it will be a vehicle, that will bring us to an area where we disembark to board another vehicle. Yes, you heard us right, “two rides in one”!

Imagine we’re outside the First Order base where we board a trackless vehicle with 7 other guests to begin our mission. Our vehicle is guided by a Astromech droid through various physical sets with animatronics and potential live characters. While out on mission we’ll undertake fire from Stormtroopers and AT-AT’s and use the force to “sneak” our way through the base.

Rise of the Resistance - trackless ride vehicle
Trackless Ride Vehicle

The Technology

The piece of technology that is rumored to be included within the attraction is the Augmented Reality (AR) gear used at the VOID experience over at Disney Springs. The AR technology used at the VOID includes vests and helmets that simulate the environment and “feeling” of actually being there. We don’t think we’ll see this same technology used in the Rise of the Resistance attraction, as it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to don the gear when experiencing the VOID.

What we could see is Disney Imagineering using aspects of the technology to simulate different experiences, like a Stormtroopers blaster rifle fighting the plasma energy at and around us on the attraction. Additionally, we could see 4D used either in the vehicle or in the environment to create smells, sights, and feelings.

Rise of the Resistance - Entrance
Potential Entrance to Rise of the Resistance

Our Thoughts

We’re ready to join Poe and the rest of the Resistance. We believe Rise of the Resistance will be the star attraction of Star Wars Galaxy Edge. Similar to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, any time Disney keeps the details of an attraction this quiet it usually means good things. We’re extremely excited to see the physical sets and AR associated with the attraction. For us, these are the aspects of the Disney that allows them to stand apart from everyone else.

For now we’ll continue our Jedi training and wait for the day the Resistance asks us to join the battle. It’s looking like the end of 2019 at Walt Disney World. We hope you’ll be joining the lightside with us!

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