Brews and que! Is there anything more American? We’ll soon find out when the recently announcement Regal Eagle Barbecue and Craft Beer quick-serve restaurant opens in Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Food options for Epcot’s World Showcase continue to grow with the announcement of Regal Eagle along with the upcoming French Creperie, and the recently open Takumi-Tei in the Japan Pavilion. What’s that in the distance? Looks like smoke signals, let’s see if they tell us anything about Regal Eagle Barbecue and Craft Beer!

Regal Eagle will be located in Epcot's American Pavilion
American Pavilion

Where’s Smoke Coming From?

You can’t have great barbecue without smoke. Taking over for a quick-serve location that was average at best, the new Regal Eagle will be setting up their smokers in Epcot’s American Pavilion. To make way for the new offering the Liberty Inn quick service location has closed and is in the process of being remodeled for the new restaurant.

Walt Disney World has yet to release any concept art. If the DVC Duo were designing the dining area we could see a backyard environment filled with picnic tables, hay bails, and of course an old pick up truck. In the color red of course.

Passholder Insights: The American Gardens Theater continually rotates out performances based on the season; currently it’s Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Live. Check the My Disney Experience app for showtimes.

Sam Eagle from the Muppets Great Moments in American History at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
Sam Eagle in Muppets Great Moments In American History

Name That Restaurant

It’s all in the name. What caught our attention for a couple of reasons is the name, Regal Eagle. First off, the word regal is British. Could this be a nod to the past? We like to think the word regal is being used to describe the nobility of the bald eagle. Our symbol of freedom or as we found out on our Alaskan trip “Alaska’s pigeon”.

The bigger question is if this is a missed opportunity to expand the Muppets presence in the parks. We can see it now, Sam Eagle’s Barbecue and Craft Beer, a salute to all food, but mostly American. Additionally, Disney World could have then moved the Muppets Great Moments In American History show from Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom to Epcot’s American Pavilion. As we like to say #savethemuppets.

Burnt end slider from Epcot's Flower and Garden festival could be an example of what the Regal Eagle could offer.
Barbecue Slider From Flower and Garden Festival

Coals Are Ready, Let’s Smoke!

Options, so many options! From different cuts of meat, sauces, and even styles, the Regal Eagle menu could go a variety of directions. We’re hoping to see Disney serve up a variety of styles from around the US. They could offer North Carolina style pulled pork, St. Louis style ribs, and even Texas brisket and hot links. Add in a range of sauces, from your mustard-based in the Carolinas to the sweet sauce of the South and rich bold flavors from the Mid-West, and we’ve got a solid representation of American barbecue.

Looking past the smoke Disney may have been giving us a hint of what’s to come with the festival offerings over the past few years. For both the Food and Wine Festival and Flower and Garden Festival, Disney chefs were firing up the smoker to offer up some tasty que, like the burnt end sliders, with pork belly, and smoked link. If Regal Eagle serves up anything like this we’re in for a treat!

Passholder Insights: One of the more underrated shows at Epcot is the American Adventure. The show is filled with classic animatronics and one of the coolest stages, as it transforms to more the animatronics in and out of scenes. It’s featured in Behind the Magic Tour

Epcot's Regal Eagle will offer a wide variety of Craft Beers
Enjoying A Beer Around The World

Washing It All Down

It’s a match made in heaven. Barbecue and a cold beer are the things that summers are made of. Regal Eagle will be offering a variety of craft beers. It is safe to assume the beer menu would be a rotating draft list featuring craft beers from around the US. What could make this quick-serve truly unique is creating barbecue beer pairings for guests to choose from. 

Passholder Insights: For different half and half style beers like a Black & Tan head over to the Rose & Crown Pub in the U.K. pavilion, they have a wide selection to choose from.

Our Thoughts

Barbecue at Disney World is taking off. With the success of Flame Tree Barbecue at the Animal Kingdom and the recent announcement of a Toy Land Restaurant that’s feature barbecue coming to Hollywood Studios, the options are growing rapidly. With barbecue being a DVC Duo family tradition we’re excited to see more options in the parks. The smoke signals are telling us we’ll be enjoying Regal Eagle by years end. The fire is heating up quickly!  

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