Yes, we made that joke! How could we not make a pinning joke? Especially, when we’re gearing up to talk about the Play Disney Parks pins. Pin trading and pin collecting has been a hit at the parks since the millennium switch over. Over the past year, Disney World has created new ways for Disney pin fans to collect exclusive Play Disney Parks pins. Let’s bust out our smartphones, it’s time to earn our digital achievements!

What’s Play Disney Parks?

There’s an app for that! In the following article, we go in-depth about the Play Disney Parks app and how everything works. Feel free to give it the once over. We can wait. Alright, great article huh? Now that we have a solid baseline, let’s dive into the Play Disney Parks Pins!

Passholder Insights: WiFi is available in the parks. In our experience the app uses a lot of data, we recommend using the WiFi when you can.

Expanding Achievements

Success equals expansion, and this holds true with the Play Disney Parks pins. On October 17, 2019, the Disney Parks Blog announced the expansion of the program to new attractions across all the Walt Disney World parks (as well as, Disneyland). The expansion includes new digital achievements earned through the Play Disney Parks app. With selection attractions offering the Play Disney Parks pins. At Walt Disney World there is a new Expedition Everest Yeti pin and the Festival of the Lion King pin. For a full list of the attractions receiving new achievements check out the following link.

Passholder Insights: For using the Play Disney Parks app at Walt Disney World, we recommend downloading the app prior to your trip.

Let’s Achieve!

There’s only one way to get these pins! You’ve got to earn them. Within the Play Disney Parks app you earn digital achievements for completing and using the app within the lines queue. Can you say a get way to pass the time!

Over time you’ll earn enough digital achievements to qualify for the Play Disney Parks pins associated with the attraction. You’ll get a notification letting you know where to go if you would like to purchase the pin. Each pin costs on average $14.99 plus tax. On the bottom of each there’s wording that says “PLAY” to denote it’s one of the Play Disney Parks pins.

Our Thoughts

It’s becoming more and more apparent the Play Disney Parks app is a big piece of Disney’s interactive queue strategy. What we really like about the Play Disney Parks app is how Disney can easily make updates and expand upon it. Add on the pins and we’ve got a successful program. The thing left to figure out is which pin to get first. Who are we kidding, we’re off on an expedition!

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