Let’s loop it! Could new stops be coming to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop? Similar to the rumors around new Epcot World Showcase countries, rumors of expansion to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop date back to when Nate was a wee lad. The rumors gain traction and lose steam every few years. Recently, the rumors have resurfaced regarding updates coming to the Magic Kingdom resort area. Monorail Blue is pulling into the station, lets loop it around Seven Seas Lagoon while we contemplate the rumors. “!Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas”

Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop - Venetian Resort Concept Art
Venetian Resort Concept Art

What We Know

The original plan for the Magic Kingdom resort area included a multitude of resorts to be added around both Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. The resorts would’ve all been connected to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop. Concept art included resorts themed around a Persian Resort, Venetian Resort, and a Mediterranean Resort.

Recently, Disney announced an expansion to the Magic Kingdom resort area with the addition of a new DVC resort, Reflections. The new resort will not be connected to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop.

Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop Expansion Area
Potential Location

Where It Could Be

In the land between the Contemporary Resort and Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) is the rumored area for the transformation of the Magic Kingdom monorail loop. Originally planned to the home of a Mediterranean themed Resort, the project was put on hold due to land being marked as not structurally sound, and instead it was marked as swamp.

Over the years, Disney World has continued to test the land to see if development is possible. Unfortunately, they have not been successful.

Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop Transportation and Ticket Cent current location
Current Transportation and Ticket Center

Rumored Use of Land

On February 15, 2019 the rumor mill started revving back up around Walt Disney World attempting to use the land originally slated for the Mediterranean hotel. According to WDWThemeParks.com, Disney is exploring ways to bring another resort to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop. For the first time, we’re seeing the land not being used for a resort, but as a potential new location of the TCC. What?! Yes, you heard us right, potentially moving the TTC.

The rumor is that Disney World would build a new resort in the current location of the TTC, after constructing a new TTC on the aforementioned land.

Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop - Resort Switching station
Concept Art of Caribbean Beach Skyliner Station

Feasible or Not?

Using the current land occupied by the TTC for a resort would make structural sense, as the land has been deemed safe to build. The bigger question is the moving of the TTC to a new location. Looking at aerials views, moving of the TTC would increase the amount of distance a tram would have to travel from the Magic Kingdom parking lot to the TTC. Estimates would suggest about an additional 5 minutes of driving each way.

Land where a new TTC would be located has recently been cleared, and “tested” again for development efforts. We could assume that a TTC structure would be smaller than any resort and feasibly could be built further inland than the preferred resort location.

The question that leaves us a little puzzled is how Disney World would manage transfers between the Magic Kingdom monorail and the Epcot Monorail. Would they add/move the track to the new TTC location? Or would the new resort be the switching location?

We could imagine a resort being the switch location, similar to how Disney World is planning to use the Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner station for switching.

Our Thoughts

Expanding around Seven Seas Lagoon and adding a resort to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop makes a lot of sense. Disney World could easily repurpose the current TTC building as the base to a larger resort, saving the cost of having to lay additional monorail track.

The one unknown question is the rerouting of the ferry to a new TTC location. With the land already being marked as swamp, could Disney increase the size of Seven Seas Lagoon by removing the swap land, then building a new ferry dock? Sounds like it should work, but we’re no environmental engineers.

An additional resort was always in Walt’s original plans, and we’d love to see another resort added to the Magic Kingdom monorail loop. If it’s true, we could see some type of announcement as part of the 50th anniversary in 2021.

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