Food. The DVC Duo loves food, some may even call us “foodies”. You can only imagine our excitement when we found out a new Japan Signature restaurant is coming to Epcot. We may have done the Carlton dance. This would make the second new restaurant coming to Epcot, and first to the World Showcase. With little known about the restaurant, let’s grab our chef’s knife and slice into what we know.

the location of the Japan Signature Restaurant
Potential Location


Japan is one of the larger and more intricate countries in Epcot’s World Showcase and it’s about to even larger. The new Japan Signature restaurant is being added to the right side of the pavilion, directly across the walkway from the festival food booth. The restaurant will be part new construction and part existing construction.

To make room for the restaurant, part of the Mitsukoshi Department Store located on the bottom floor of the main building will be repurposed. What is unknown at the moment is if you’ll enter through the Mitsukoshi Department Store or from the World Showcase walkway.

Store run by Mitsukoshi Company - Japan Signature Dining
Mitsukoshi Department Store


The Japan Signature restaurant will have the same restaurant management company as the other restaurant options in the Japan Pavilion. Both sit down restaurants, Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo, as well of the quick serve location Katsura Grill are managed by the Mitsukoshi Company. The theme of the restaurant is suppose to be centered around the natural beauty of Japan.

Mitsukoshi Company currently overseas all aspects of the Japan pavilion, including the shopping and kiosks.

Besides Japan Signature there is Le Cellier in Canada
Le Cellier

Fine Dining

We’re excited to see more fine dining options coming to Epcot. The addition of the Japan Signature restaurant would mark the third Disney Signature restaurant around Epcot’s World Showcase, including Le Cellier in Canada and Monsieur Paul in France. The Japan Signature restaurant would more than likely be two credits on the on the Disney Dining Plan.

Construction progress of the Japan Signature Restaurant
Construction Progress

Opening Date

The land has been cleared and we’re starting to see vertical construction start. Currently, Walt Disney World and the Mitsukoshi Company have kept the majority of the details around the Japan Signature Restaurant hush hush. We currently don’t have a name, or exact opening date, but looking at the construction progress it is probably looking like late 2019 or early 2020.

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