Sweet or Savory? It’s the biggest debate in the DVC Duo house and will surely continue when the new Epcot Creperie opens. As we’re writing this, Disney World is working around the clock to expand the France pavilion in Epcot. In one of the largest expansions to any of the World Showcase pavilions, Disney World keeps releasing new exciting details every time we blink. On March 17, 2019 Disney announced the latest major addition coming to the area, an authentic creperie serving up crepes inspired by the Brittany region of France. Alright, all this food talk has gotten us hungry, let’s dive into everything we know about the new Epcot Creperie.

Potential location of Epcot Creperie
Concept Art for New Area

The Location  

You know our saying, it’s not about the location, it’s about the food. However, it doesn’t hurt to be in a prime spot, and the new Epcot creperie could be in the top spot. Based on the rumors around the projected location of the new restaurant, it will be one of the first things you’ll encounter when entering the new area. Situated on the corner, the creperie will be on the opposite side to where the new Remy attraction will be located

Rumor is the new area will have multiple entry points, with one being a secret pathway through the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. Guests enter the new area through a Persian style “alley”, that would drop you into the middle of the action. Please note this is still a rumor and not confirmed.

Picture of Chef Jerome Boscuse overseeing the Epcot Creperie
Jerome Boscuse and Monsieur Paul

The Chef

Does the restaurant make the chef, or does the chef make the restaurant? The chef definitely makes the restaurant, just look what Remy did for Gusteau’s. Overseeing the new Epcot creperie will be Disney Chef veteran, Jerome Boscuse. You may know Jerome from his work at Le Chefs de France or maybe the even more upscale Monsieur Paul (the Disney Signature Restaurant in the French pavilion). Jerome learned his culinary prowess from none other than Monsieur Paul himself, probably because Monsieur Paul is his father.

Passholder Insights: Le Chefs de France is one of the most popular restaurants in the World Showcase. We would highly recommend making an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR), either through the My Disney Experience, or your authorized Disney travel agent.

Crepe booth in France Pavilion
Current Location for Crepes

Sit Down or Quick Serve?

Why not both? Just like Jaleo at Disney Springs, the new Epcot creperie will be opening two locations. The centerpiece will be the table service restaurant where Jerome is creating new crepes and dishes inspired by the Brittany region of France, the home to the crepe. The menu will have both sweet and savory (known as galettes) style crepes. Additionally, the creperie will have a quick serve option for guests looking for a portable meal. Grab a crepe while you wait to ride Remy, or Sing-a-long with Belle and the Beast!

Traditionally, the crepe is served in a sit down environment in Brittany region, it wasn’t until the crepe made its way to Paris that it become a portable meal. A little food history for you there!   

Our Thoughts

More Disney restaurants, yes please! It’s great to see Walt Disney World expanding on the World Showcase countries. We’re hoping the addition of the new Epcot creperie, along with the overall expansion of the France pavilion is just a glimpse into Epcot’s future. With tons of room for additionally expansion around the World Showcase it would be great to see other countries get similar treatments or even new countries added to the mix. For now it’s back to the sweet or savory debate!

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