Here a DVC, there a DVC, everywhere a new DVC resort! News surfaced around a potential new Disneyland DVC resort. This would be the third new DVC resort in the works with Disney’s Riviera Resort opening on December 16, 2019, and Disney’s Reflections Resort under construction. Let’s jump on a plane and head to the left coast (west coast) to investigate a new Disneyland DVC resort. We call aisle seat!

Story Time!

You know how we love our Disney backstories. A new Disneyland DVC resort is not without its own backstory. On October 25, 2017, Disneyland announced a new 700-room luxury resort was coming to Disneyland. Fast-forward a year ago Disneyland pulled the plug on a proposed resort. Disney stated the reason the resort plans were canceled was due to the city of Anaheim, CA eliminating a $267 million tax rebate.

Breaking News

It’s a holiday treat! On November 22, 2019, the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) filed plans with the city of Anaheim for a new Disneyland DVC resort. Disneyland operates a little different than Walt Disney World, as the park is within the city limits of Anaheim. Whereas, Walt Disney World is contained within a city-operated by themselves (Reedy Creek Improvement District). With Disneyland being located within Anaheim the park is required to file a request with the city for approval for construction.

Proposed locations for the New Disneyland DVC Resort

The Proposal

The magic number is 700. Similar to the originally planned luxury resort, the new resort will have 700 guest rooms. The rooms will follow in the traditional DVC model and have rooms ranging from studios to 3-bedroom villas. The plans state the new Disneyland DVC resort would be adjacent to the Disneyland Hotel and occupy the area next to the Frontierland Tower.

To keep with the theme of the Disneyland Hotel the new resort would have the same 1950s look and feel. The proposed opening timeline would be in 2022.

Our Thoughts

The more DVC resorts the merrier! With Disneyland only having one DVC resort (The Grand Californian) a new Disneyland DVC resort would be a welcome addition. The Grand Californian is the hardiest DVC resort for members to book, as the resort only has 70 rooms.

We are still in the early stages of planning and the resort may or may not come to a realization. We’re optimistic the plans for the new resort will not have similar results as the previous luxury resort. Well, it’s been a fun trip to the west coast but it’s time to head back. Disneyland, we’ll see you real soon!

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