Get excited, Dante! Many months have passed since we last spoke about a potential Coco attraction coming to Epcot’s World Showcase. After Disney’s D23 expo came and went without a mention from Bob Chapek, our thoughts were that a Coco attraction was put on hold. Just like Dante searching for a bone, we never give up looking for hints around what’s come! Grab your magnifying glass it’s time to look for hints of a Coco attraction.

The Obvious One

Sometimes there are clues right in front of us. As we discussed in our Epcot Experience article, the most obvious hint of a Coco attraction or at least the presence of Miguel can be seen in the experience. With his guitar laying against the iconic Mayan temple, it should only be a matter of time before we see a continual presence of the successful Pixar Intellectual Property (IP) in the Mexico Pavilion.

Passholder Insights: For the best mole at Walt Disney World our go-to place is San Angel Inn within the Mayan Temple.

Recent Change

At the beginning of November, Disney Imagineering launched their brand new website. Images throughout the site showcase Imagineers working on different projects at different stages. Traditionally, Walt Disney World does a fantastic job blurring out the background images to the point where you really cannot tell what is actually happening. It must have been our lucky day. One of the images looks like it’s pointing directly at a potential Coco attraction.

Passholder Insights: In the lobby area of the Mayan Temple you have the ability to use a touchscreen to transform yourself into a Day of Dead skeleton.

What We Found

Gold, pure gold. Ok, well not actual gold, but in the Disney World, it could be considered gold. In the process section of the website is an image where Imagineers are wearing VR goggles and sitting on a cart designed to simulate the set-up of a ride vehicle. Looking to the left at the TV screen you can see an image of what appears to be Marigold Station from the movie. To add to it there is a Day of the Dead skull within the window of the station.

Passholder Insights: For a different vantage point for watching Epcot Forever you can try having dinner at Rose & Crown Pub on the patio.

What Does It Mean?

A lot of things! What it does tell us is Disney Imagineering has gotten to a point where they have created a simulation of what a Coco attraction could entail. Whether or not we see a Coco attraction is still up in the air. Many times Disney Imagineering will create and test potential rides and attractions that never end up in the parks for a variety of reasons.

If this prototype of the attraction moves forward it could be a variety of experiences. In one scenario it replaces one of our favorite rides The Grand Fiesta tour, we would assume it would be a boat ride. However, looking at the seating configuration of the picture it may mean the boat is replaced with a vehicle or it could be as simple as new boats.

The other option could be one of the new interchangeable experiences that are rumored to be coming to the PLAY! Pavilion. Based on the VR glasses and the rough framework, it could be an option. Or we could be completely off and we could see a second attraction within the Mexico Pavilion. There is room for expansion between the Mexico pavilion and the Norway Pavilion, especially if Disney decided to use a portion of the backstage area.

Our Thoughts

Definitely a positive direction! Bringing a Coco attraction to Epcot would be wonderful and make a lot of sense, especially with the upcoming Ratatouille and Mary Poppins experiences in the works. In the perfect DVC Duo world the Grand Fiesta would stay and we would see the Coco attraction in another place. For now, we have to keep digging until Walt Disney World makes a formal announcement. Care to help Dante?

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