Who’s Mizner? Funny you ask, the famed Mizner’s Lounge at the Grand Floridian Resort is named in honor of Addison Mizner. It’s what the DVC Duo aspire for, a Walt Disney World lounge named in our honor, one day Nate, one day. Recently, Mizner’s Lounge as gotten a lot of attention, as it’s the centerpiece of a larger update coming to the common areas of the Grand Floridian Resort. Let’s order up our favorite classic cocktail and kick back in the lounge for an adult timeout and discuss all the details. Nate will have an old fashioned, and we all know Serena will have slightly dirty vodka martini. Don’t forget the blue cheese olives!

Inside Mizner's Lounge before refurbishment
Current Layout of Mizner’s Lounge

Getting A Lounge Named After You  

At the turn of the 20th century, South Florida was going through a transformation to the resort area as we know it today. As more and more people discovered the area, demand for resorts grew and Addison Mizner was leading the charge. Known for his Victorian, Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial revival architecture (say that 5 times fast!), Mizner shaped the image of resort life in South Florida.

The connection between Mizner and Disney is simply elementary, as Sherlock would say. When Disney designed the Grand Floridian Resort they took inspiration from the turn of the 20th century designs create by Addison. To honor the famed architect they named the lounge after him, Mizner’s Lounge.

Passholder Insights: If you’re a cigar aficionado, Mizner’s Lounge does sell cigars. Just ask the bartender. You’ll have to find a designed smoking section to enjoy them however.

Orchestra at the Grand Floridian
Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

What We Know  

Mizner’s Lounge is scheduled for a well deserved refurbishment. The update will include a redo of the bar area in a similar fashion to the recent update at the Tambu lounge where they added charging capabilities, after all, we’ve got to charge our cell phones somewhere. As part of the update, Mizner’s Lounge will be expanded into the area currently occupied by Commander Porter’s (men’s apparel). The expansion could increase the overall size of Mizner’s Lounge by at least 50% (capacity for 140 people) depending on how the space is allocated

At the moment Disney World has not set a construction start date. What we do know is that Commander Porter’s will official close on April 4, 2019. As part of the overall update to the common areas, Disney is combining Commander’s Porter’s with Summer Lace shop to create a women’s and men’s store. It’s expected that Mizner’s Lounge would close in the first half of April.

One of the rumors gathering a lot of traction is the concept that Mizner’s Lounge could be rethemed with a Disney Princess backdrop, likely a live-action Beauty and the Beast theme. The rumors say the lounge would reflect the famed library, and a “woods” section. This is still a rumor, but from our point of view,it’s a far stretch for Disney to theme a lounge around an IP, especially an IP that is already located in the Magic Kingdom in the form of Be Our Guest.

If Disney were to move forward with the princess theme for the Mizner’s Lounge, we would guess Disney has larger plan that would include moving the current Princess tea room to the area, then redoing the tea room area as the Grand Floridian lounge.

Passholder Insights: Just outside Mizner’s Lounge is the 5 piece Grand Floridian Society Orchestra performing throughout the day. Pay attention, as you may recognize a variety of famous Disney songs in orchestral form!

Temporary Location for Mizner's Lounge on Grand Floridian Main Level
Grand Floridian Main Floor

While Everything Is Updated

To ensure we can still get our favorite classic cocktails, Mizner’s Lounge will relocate to the first floor of the Grand Floridian. The lounge will take up shop next to the Garden View Tea Room during the renovations. Joining the lounge on the first floor will be the Society orchestra.

Passholder Insights: If you’re looking for a more intimate lounge option at the Grand Floridian we recommending checking out Citricos Lounge.

Our Thoughts

With the opening of the new Disney Riviera Resort later this year, it would make sense that updates would be coming for the Grand Floridian. Both of the resorts are expected to be the flagship resorts for Walt Disney World at the 50th anniversary. Mizner’s Lounge is a little bit on the smaller side and could definitely benefit from additional space, plus it’s definitely showing it’s age and wear. We’re curious if part of the expansion could mean an updated/expanded menu for the lounge. It would be great to see Mizner’s get a larger menu like Crew’s Cup. For now, let’s enjoy our cocktails!

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