Paper, pencil, draw! Have you ever wondered how to draw Disney characters? We sure have! Soon we’ll be able to tap into our artistic sides and put our drawing skills to the test in the new animation experience coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney Parks recently announced a new animation experience attraction will be part of the Conservation Station when it reopens. Wait, we thought the days were numbered for the Conservation Station? Let’s sharpen our pencils and see if we can sketch out the future of the area!

The new Animation Experience could be like the Animation Academy
Animation Academy

Animation At Walt Disney World

It all started with a mouse, a mouse drawn by the man himself, Walt Disney. The backbone to the Walt Disney Company is animation. Over the years, Walt Disney World has traditionally offered some type of animation experience attraction within the parks. The animation experience that tops the charts was the Walt Disney World Animation Studio within Hollywood Studios (previously known as, MGM Studios). The studio is now the location of Star Wars Launch Bay.

Passholder Insights: Star Wars Launch Bay is filled with props from the movies and a great place to escape the heat or the Florida thunderstorms.

The Animation Experience will be at Rafaki's Planet Watch
Entrance to Rafiki’s Planet Watch

What Is The Animation Experience?

On July 11, 2019, when the animation experience opens at the Conservation Station guests will enjoy an instructor lead drawing course and learn to draw one of the famous Lion King characters. The animation experience attraction could be different every time as the Lion King character you draw will vary depending on the day. Prior to sitting down with your pencil and pad, you’ll head out on a short tour of the animals and learn about how animals have been used in Disney Animation.

The animation experience will offer a Fastpass as there will be a limited number of guests per session. You can book your Fastpass through My Disney Experience.

Passholder Insights: Back in May for the 30th anniversary of Hollywood Studios, Disney added a new nighttime show to the park celebrating the history of Disney animation, the Wonderful World of Animation.

Guest will be able to draw the characters of the Lion King at the Animation Experience
Celebrating the Lion King

Year Of The Lion

Simba really knows how to throw a party! The animation experience will be the newest addition to the overall celebration of the most famous lion at the Animal Kingdom. In the DVC Duo house it gets us thinking, could this be more testing for the overall demand of the Lion King ride at the park? There’s nothing confirmed at the moment, but what we do know is the Animal Kingdom is scheduled for further expansion after the 50th celebration in 2021.

With the D23 event (Disney’s conference) kicking off at the end of August, it is possible we may hear something about the potential updates for the Animal Kingdom. If we had to guess, we believe it’s more likely we would hear something about a Lion King attraction at the 2021 D23 event.

Passholder Insights: If you’re a Lion King fan, don’t miss the Festival of the Lion King show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it’s one of our favorite shows!  

Drawing Conclusions  

The animation experience is a wonderful addition to the Conservation Station. We’re excited to see Walt Disney World go back to its roots and bring back animation to the parks. The future of the Conservation Station is still unknown, as the addition of the animation experience appears to be a short term plan for the area. As we discussed in our Zootopia article, we could see the area become a new land at the Animal Kingdom after the 50th anniversary. For now, let’s grab some pencils and hone our Simba drawing skills!  

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