It’s a spark of inspiration! With major updates on the horizon for the Epcot’s Future World, could we see new version of the Imagination pavilion? An opening day pavilion, the Imagination Pavilion is the birthplace of Epcot’s beloved mascot Figment. The purple dragon has been inspiring Epcot guests to tap into their imaginations and push the boundaries of what’s possible for years. Recently, Figment has grown beyond the Imagination pavilion to a star role in all the different Epcot festivals. Let’s use our imaginations and see if we can figure out what Walt Disney World Imagineering could create!

Imagineering Team with Bob Chapek outside the Imagination Pavilion
Bob Chapek at Epcot

Hints Of Change

Just over a year ago a large group of Disney executives were spotted exploring two pavilions at Epcot: Wonders of Life and Imagination. Within the group was one of the Bobs, Chapek of course, as he’s all about the parks. Additionally, VP of Epcot Melissa Valiquette spoke about the changes focused around the original Epcot concept: family, Disney (i.e. characters), and timelessness. Fast forward to today, and Walt Disney World has announced the major changes for the Wonders of Life pavilion in the form of the new Play Pavilion. The tea leaves are pointing to a major update in store for the Imagination Pavilion for the 40th anniversary.

Inside Out could be the IP associated to the Imagination Pavilion
Joy and Sadness at Epcot

In The Pole Position

Rumors around the Imagination Pavilion are nothing new. Disneyphiles have been dreaming of an updated version of Journey into Imagination for years. Let’s just say the current version could use some improvements. When Disney World is ready to update the attraction more than likely it will be tied to an Intellectual Property (IP).

The IP in our pole position is Inside Out. If you haven’t seen the movie, take a few minutes and watch it. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you. Go ahead. Alright, now that you’ve seen the movie you can see how easily Inside Out would relate to the Imagination Pavilion concept. From Bing Bong and his flying wagon, to traveling through Riley’s mind, it’s the perfect concept for a Disney dark ride.

We could see an attraction where you’re joined by Joy and Sadness inside the mind of Riley as she goes through her day. The show scenes could revolve around different ideas she creates from her imagination. Along the way you meet up with the rest of the Inside Out cast. The kicker would be how Figment fits in, maybe Riley “dreams” up a friend for Bing Bong that’s Figment. The ideas around Inside Out attraction are endless.

Passholder Insights: Currently Joy and Sadness are meet and greets in the Imagination Pavilion. Joining them is Vanellope and Ralph. You’ll want to head to the entrance for the gift shop to see them.

Could WALL-E and EVA have a ride in the Imagination Pavilion

The Long Shot

Sitting back and letting our imaginations wander, we believe the perfect fit for the area could also be WALL-E. The IP may not be the perfect fit for imagination concept, however the IP is the perfect fit for Future World. From it’s futuristic storyline, to improving the environment, and even the hints to a healthier lifestyle, WALL-E and EVA (of course!) are ideal for the area. It’s an IP that would be family orientated, timeless, and a Disney IP, which speaks directly to the original Epcot concept.

We envision a trackless attraction similar to Ratatouille, where WALL-E brings you back to Earth. The ride vehicles could be designed around the chairs from the spacecraft. Your journey through the attraction would have WALL-E and EVA traveling through show scenes exhibiting ways to clean up Earth and to live a healthy lifestyle. It would fit perfectly into Epcot’s education/fun concept.

Passholder Insights: At the Imagination Pavilion is the Chase Character Meet n Greet, if you’re Chase Visa card holder, there’s a special character meet ‘n greet for you.  

Our Thoughts

No matter what happens with the Imagination Pavilion, we hope that Figment will always be part of Epcot. We believe it’s only a matter of time before the pavilion is updated, the big question is which IP will call it home. Disney Imagineering always finds a way to create great attractions and we’re sure they will do the same here. As much as we would love a new attraction centered around Figment, we believe it’s more than likely Disney decides to go another direction. More than likely Figment will move into his rightful place as the park’s mascot, with an appearance in a new Imagination Pavilion ride. No matter what, imagination will be at heart of this new creation!

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