Let’s see the world! A short walk or boat ride from Hollywood Studios is Epcot’s World Showcase. In true blue sky fashion, a rumor around World Showcase Christmas lights coming to Epcot surfaced this past fall. You know how we like to think. Would it be possible for an Osborne style Christmas light show to occur around Epcot’s World Showcase? We’re sporting our beanies and have our eggnog in tow, let’s talk Epcot World Showcase Christmas lights.

Who’s Osborne?

A true Kris Kringle. As the story goes Mr. Osborne set out to decorate his house for his daughter for Christmas. Over the years, his light display grew and grew, millions upon millions of lights, that spread throughout the neighborhood. It became the most notable Christmas display in all of Arkansas.

One day, the state of Arkansas ruled that the Osborne light display become too much, and they could no longer be displayed. Say hello to Disney. When Disney got word of the display they reached out to Mr. Osborne about setting up his display in Hollywood Studios backlot. In exchange, the Osborne family would receive park tickets and a resort stay every year to see the display.

The lights became a holiday tradition for many Disneyphiles. Including your favorite bloggers. Unfortunately, to make way for Galaxy’s Edge, the area home to the Osborne light display was removed from Hollywood Studios.

Passholder Insights: A miniature version of the lights is now part of the Animal Kingdom decorations in Dinoland USA.

Rumor Time

A few months back the rumor around Epcot World Showcase Christmas lights surfaced. As the rumor goes a guest called into Disney World reservations to line up a trip for the Christmas season. The guest asked what is new for this year’s Christmas displays. The reservation agent mentioned that there would Epcot World Showcase Christmas lights for the first time.

That’s right, it’s exactly what you’re picturing. Each of the countries decked out for the holidays in lights that danced to the music. After hearing this, the guest brought the information to Len Testa from the Disney Dish podcast on the Jim Hill Media network. The rumor was quickly debunked by Jim Hill, saying it was not a possibility.

Passholder Insights: For the holiday season Epcot will celebrate the different traditions from around the world in the Festival of the Holidays.

Our Thoughts

Why wouldn’t happen? It would be an unbelievable sight to see. The World Showcase filled with dancing Christmas lights. Unfortunately, it would more than likely only be something in our imaginations. With two of the countries omitted from lights, China and Morocco, it would make for a disjointed display. Additionally, the logistics to set-up and take down the displays within each of the pavilions does not seem realistic.

For the closest thing we will get to Epcot World Showcase Christmas Lights is the Epcot Experience. As we mentioned in that article, the new nighttime spectacular, HarmonioUS, could include aspects of projection technology on the countries. Alright, our eggnog is getting low, time for a refill!

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