Remember me! Of course we do Coco. How could we forget about the successful Pixar movie outlining Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)? Anytime a Disney or Pixar movie is a major hit in both the box office and the music charts, the rumors start rolling in, and Coco is no different. Disneyphiles have been saying it is only a matter of time before Coco is the major ride attraction in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion. Any time there are rumors you can count on the DVC Duo to dig in. There goes Dante – let’s follow him!

Coco could follow suit like Frozen in Norway
Frozen in the Norway Pavilion

World Showcase Changes

Almost three years ago, Frozen Ever After opened in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. The opening of an Intellectual Property (IP) in Epcot’s World Showcase broke the mold on what we’ve seen in the World Showcase for years. Ever since it’s opening, the attraction has been a runaway success for Disney and continually one of the busiest rides in the park. It’s also one of the DVC Duo’s Top 3 attractions at Epcot.

The addition of IP’s to the World Showcase is continuing with both Ratatouille and Beauty and the Beast attractions being added to the France pavilion in the coming years.

Passholder Insights: If you were not able to get a FastPass for Frozen, we would recommend trying to Rope Drop the attraction if it’s one of your must see attractions

Coco - Day of the Dead Creator
Create Your Own Day of the Dead Look

Test Ride  

Currently, Disney is in the process of testing guests desire to see a Coco related attraction added to the Mexico Pavilion. Entering the Mayan Temple now you encounter a full Coco display. The exhibit includes scenes from the movie, two Paper Mache esqueletos, and interactive screens to fashion yourself in festive Day of the Dead garb. If you have Memory Maker don’t forget to scan your Magicband to bring your photo home with you!

The testing is centered on the interactive screens. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, Disney Imagineering is tracking how many people use the screens on a daily basis. There is a desired minimum number or percent of total attendance Disney would like to see before green lighting any type of Coco attraction.

On February 7, 2019, Disney parks announced that Coco would be added to the Mariachi Cobre performances on March 6th. What we don’t know yet is if the addition of Coco is just for the Flower and Garden Festival, which begins on the same date, or if it will be a more permanent fixture.

Coco Paper Mache Skeletons
Paper Mache Skeletons

Where Would an Attraction Go?

The assumed and most logically location would be a rethemeing of The Grand Fiesta Tour featuring The Three Caballeros. After the release and success of Coco the attraction did undergo a minor update with the addition of the four Mariachi skeletons. Disney Imagineering could easily retheme the remaining attraction scenes to transform it into a Coco ride.

Concerns, there’s always concerns. The largest concern is ride capacity based on the location of the ride. Usually The Grand Fiesta Tour does not see large lines or waits and the queue reflects this with its smaller wait area. Adding a Coco attraction would almost guarantee longer lines and need for Disney to expand the queue. The question and concern is could Disney Imagineering create more room for a larger queue, and if so where would it go? From aerial views, Disney is limited by how much room remains behind the Mexico pavilion to increase the size of the building.

Coco Three Caballeros Animatronics
Three Caballeros Animatronics

Our Thoughts

In the DVC Duo house we are torn. We love The Grand Fiesta Tour, as it’s the perfect escape from the heat and a relaxing boat ride. Also, what would happen with the amazing Three Caballeros animatronics at the end of the ride?

Adding Coco to Mexico would make sense as the movie is culturally relevant and accurate in telling the history of Dia de Muertos. It would also fall in line with the history of the World Showcase being more educational, while also relating to children.

Ultimately, we believe we’ll see a Coco attraction announced as part of the overall update coming to Epcot at D23 in August. If the rumors are true, we’ll always remember you Coco!

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