Wait, what?! Did you just say a Brazil Pavilion could be coming to Epcot? You heard us right, the rumor wagons are circling Epcot’s World Showcase and they all appear to be saying similar things regarding a potential Brazil pavilion. As we spoke about in our “Could the World Showcase Be Getting Larger” article, the rumors around a Brazil pavilion have existed for 35+ years. Before we start brushing up on our futbol skills and “Goooooaaallllll” celebrations, let’s take a walk around the World Showcase to see what we discover!

Early concept art for a potential Brazil pavilion in Epcot
Concept Art For Brazil Pavilion

The History  

Every rumor usually has some level of truth behind it and rumors around a Brazil Pavilion have been around since Nemo was a minnow. To find the origin of the Brazil pavilion rumor we have to go back 35+ years to when the World Showcase was a twinkle in Disney’s eye. When the World Showcase opened the plan was to continue to add more countries over the years and one of the desired countries was Brazil.

Concept art for the pavilion has gone through many iterations, with concepts changing at every turn. What has stayed consistent over the years is that Brazil would be the first South American country represented in the World Showcase.

Passholder Insights: The last pavilion added to the World Showcase was Norway, which is home to one of the DVC Duo’s top 3 rides at Epcot!

Epcot Food and Wine festival Brazil booth, could be outline of food options for a Brazil Pavilion
Brazil – Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booth

What Could We See?  

Weeding through the rumors, we’ve seen it all, from a new ride to the creation of the historic cliff featuring Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, to restaurant concepts. What has been consistent over the years is the inclusion of a Brazilian steakhouse. Described as the centerpiece of a potential pavilion, the steakhouse would more than likely be a Signature Dining offering, similar to Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion.  

Beyond the steakhouse is where the rumors become hazier. Ride concepts have come and gone over the years, with the most recent one being a boat ride similar to the attraction in the Mexico pavilion. The attraction would feature the Three Caballeros, which would let Disney Imagineering create a Coco attraction within the Mexico pavilion

According to Jim Hill, of Jim Hill Media, more than likely a Brazilian pavilion would consist of just the steakhouse and a few shopping areas to start. The project has been trimmed back over the years. The piece that is still up for consideration is the use of Christ the Redeemer. Walt Disney World is always hesitant around using anything with religious ties or references.  

Passholder Insights: When exploring the World Showcase check on the My Disney Experience app for the days and times of all the performers.

The German trains could be removed for a Brazil Pavilion
German Miniature Trains

Where Would It Go?

Epcot’s World Showcase has a variety of areas for additional pavilions. The rumored location of a new Brazil pavilion is between Germany and Italy. In the DVC Duo house, this is a little surprising as it’s the current location of the German miniature train village. Originally planned to last for only a couple of years, the Germany miniature trains have been a staple of the World Showcase since 1982. What makes the trains so special is how Walt Disney World decorates the village for the different Epcot festivals like Flower and Garden. It would be sad to see the trains go, but worth it for a new pavilion.

Passholder Insights: Walt Disney World is using the expansion areas around the World Showcase for more than just countries, as the new Ratatouille attraction is being constructed on one of the expansion areas.

We could hear about a Brazil Pavilion at the D23 event
D23 Event

When Will We Know?

That’s the big question. Let’s bust out our trusty ouija board and see if the spirits at the Haunted Mansion could help us out. Traditionally, in the months leading up to D23 (the large Disney conference) rumors around new pavilions at Epcot start popping up everywhere we look. We’re less than 2 months away from the big event where we’ll find out about any new pavilions coming to Epcot’s World Showcase.

Once announced, we will still be a few years away from seeing a completed Brazil pavilion. If we had to guess the goal would be to have the new pavillion ready for Epcot’s 40th anniversary. Walt Disney World is kicking off an overall update to the park with construction already underway on the Epcot Spine and the addition of new attractions like the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Our Thoughts

Yes! It’s that simple. Bring on more countries. We’re hoping that Bob Chapek announces multiple countries for the World Showcase. If it ends up only being a Brazil pavilion, we’ll still be excited. There’s a lot Disney Imagineering could do with the theming, and you know us, we’re always ready for more restaurant options. Fingers crossed they include the Brazilian cheese from the Food and Wine festival as a snack. We’ll take two!

Please note a Brazil pavilion is still just rumor as nothing has been confirmed by Disney Parks.

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