Highlights? I thought Highlights was a magazine you read while waiting at the dentist’s office. It’s is, but we’re talking about the rumored Disney Highlight Reel. Every Walt Disney World vacation is filled with magical moments, from the first time you meet your favorite character, to the perfect family photo in front of the castle, and you can’t forget priceless moments captured on the rides. Could we soon be reliving our treasured moments with Disney Highlight Reel? We’re combing through the patent office to see what we can uncover! 

Disney Highlight Reel would include aspects of Disney PhotoPass
Disney PhotoPass

Worth A Thousand Words 

That’s a lot of words! Lucky for us we’re not typing a 1,000 words. No, we’re talking about pictures and Disney Photopass pictures if we’re being specific. Spread throughout Disney property are both Disney Photopass photographers and recently added photo boxes looking to capture all the fun. Especially those candid moments from our trips that will go down in family history and be enjoyed for years to come.

Passholder Insights: For photography buffs, Walt Disney World is filled with lesser-known places to snap amazing pictures. 

Disney Highlight Reel would use the new automated PhotoPass Boxes
Automated PhotoPass Boxes

Say Cheese! 

Everybody smile left, everybody smile right! Great advice Simba. Over the past few months, we’ve seen Disney World expand how and where they capture your image. Back in February of 2019, we saw Disney World deploy wide-angle camera boxes and video camera boxes to a variety of character meet and greets. Using artificial intelligence and a little Disney magic, the boxes are programmed to capture your experience from the word go. Behind the scenes, Disney Photopass technology pulls the best pictures and videos from your interaction to create your magical moment. 

Unique picture opportunities have continued to be added around the parks, with a super-zoom photo spot near Cinderella’s castle being added in May. Additionally, a brand new Tower of Terror Disney Photopass video was launched at the end of July 2019. It could be safe to assume Disney World will continue to expand picture opportunities in the future. 

Passholder Insights: You’ll find all your Disney Photopass images synced with the My Disney Experience app.  

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Highlight Reel

Putting It All Together 

What to do with all these wonderful pictures and videos? Let’s create your Disney Highlight Reel! According to Len Testa from the Disney Dish podcast, Walt Disney World recently filed a new patent around a technology that would use the RFID chip in a guests Magicband to activate a tv screen. Combining the technology in the Magicband with all the pictures and videos from your vacation, Walt Disney World will be creating a personalized Disney Highlight Reel for guest to watch on their trip back to Orlando International Airport. When guests board Disney’s Magical Express their Magicband will activate a new personal tv screen mounted to the seat in front of them to display their own Disney Highlight Reel from their vacation. 

Disney Highlight Reel would include the Magic Shots
Disney PhotoPass Magic Shot

The W Questions 

How likely is this to happen? We were wondering the same thing until we heard Jim Hill from Jim Hill Media confirm that Disney World is looking to deploy the Disney Highlight Reel as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. Disney is projecting a lot of guests returning or making their first trip to Walt Disney World for the monumental occasion, and the addition of the Disney Highlight Reel is a way to create great keepsakes for everyone. 

With nothing being officially announced by Walt Disney World we’ll make an assumption on what will be needed to get your personal Disney Highlight Reel. The one definite will be Disney Photopass or Memory Maker. The second could very well be staying on Disney Property, as everything is linked by a Magicband. Beyond that, a trip back on the Magical Express could be required, but in the DVC Duo house, we’re thinking it will be optional. 

Passholder Insights: It’s estimated that Disney Highlight Reel video will be around 1 to 2 minutes in length depending on the length of your trip and the numbers of pictures taken. 

Our Thoughts 

It’s all in the details! Walt Disney World excels at the little things and the potential for a Disney Highlight Reel to added to the mix is great. We always enjoy reliving our vacations through pictures and videos and it would great to have a quick video highlighting everything to share with friends and family. Well, we better start working on our movie star smiles. Off to the mirror!

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