It’s the Circle of Flavors! Wait, what? Sounds like Simba is spending too much time with Timon and Pumba, all he’s thinking about is grub! In the DVC Duo house, no anniversary celebration is complete without a great meal. There was this one time Serena made double cut pork chops and let me say, wow! Anyways, I digress, we’re here to talk about Simba’s 25th anniversary dinner, not to steal the spotlight from him. The sun is setting on the Serengeti, let’s grab our seat for the Circle of Flavor – Harambe at Night event where our favorite lion is the star!

Harambe Market is where Circle of Flavors event begins
Outside Harambe Market

What Is It?  

It’s is a salute to all animals, but mostly the lion. Beginning on July 24, 2019 and running every Wednesday night until September 25th, the Animal Kingdom will hold a special ticketed dining experience called the Circle of Flavor – Harambe at Night. You’ll head out on an adventure around the Africa section of the park, making stops at three different locations. Everything kicks off at the Wildlife Train Station at 6 pm sharp and runs until 9 pm.

Pricing will be $125 for adults (age 10 and up) and $99 for children (age 3 to 9), plus tax. Please note that you’ll need a park ticket as well.

Kick Off the Circle of Flavors event at the Wildlife Train Station.
Wildlife Express Train Station

First Stop

Every great party starts with the hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and random small talk with strangers about everyone’s go to topic – the weather.  As you mingle with other guests and cast members you’ll enjoy your choice of African wines and beers, along with light bites, while African music sets the stage. However, luckily for this event you can forgo the weather talk, as the Circle of Flavors will have cast members sharing stories about the continent’s most recognized animals.

Your first stop will also serve as your check in location for the event. As part of the experience you’ll receive a “boarding pass” for the train when you check in. Boarding pass, where are we going? We’re so glad you asked. Onto the second stop!

Second Stop on the Circle of Flavors is Rafiki's Planet Watch
Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Second Stop

It’s time to bust out your boarding pass, we’re heading out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You’ll board the Wildlife Express to make your way out to meet up with Timon and Rafiki. Make sure to have your autograph books ready, as they’re ready to sign the night away. Rumor has it there may be a fun activity as well. Can you say Lion King dance party?

After all that dancing with Timon and Rafiki, you’ll need to refuel. No worries, there’s more appetizers to try. If you’re like Nate and need a little liquid courage to hit the dance floor with Timon and Rafiki, no worries they’ve got you covered! The same African wines and beers from our first stop will be available. When everything wraps up, you’ll jump aboard the Wildlife Express to head back to Harambe.

The last stop on the Circle of Flavor tour is the Harambe Market
Harambe Market

Last Stop

It’s time we learn why it’s called the Circle of Flavors. Rolling back into the train station you make your way to the Harambe Market, where the music is bumping and food is bountiful. In an all you care to enjoy environment, a variety of stations will be set-up with African inspired fare including, but not limited to, chicken, beef, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and desserts. You can wash it all down with your choice of African wines and beer, and a variety of specialty beverages.

As you make your way from station to station, beyond gathering yummy food, you’ll learn about the different African animals and how we can help protect their environment. Cast members will be sharing stories of the famous species, and the type of conservations efforts that are currently under way.

Passholder Insights: Harambe Market is a great place for a quick bite during the day. We’d highly recommend using the mobile ordering, as the lines tend to get long.

Our Thoughts

Any time there’s food involved, we’re usually excited. Circle of Flavors definitely fits the bill. We’ve enjoyed the dessert parties in the past, but have always wished they included more savory options. Circle of Flavors appears to be combining the dessert party concept with a more intimate character meet and greet. We’re expecting the food to have similar flavors to what is offered at Saana or Boma. Which for us is great!

What is really unique is how the Circle of Flavors event is tied in to The Lion King. Walt Disney World is known for testing the demand of an Intellectual Property (IP) through special events. The event could be another way Disney is testing the demand for a Lion King based attraction. For now, let’s enjoy celebrating our favorite lion!

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