How do they do it? It’s magic! Well, more like backstage magic. Walt Disney World operates as a well oiled machine. Similar to a Broadway production, everything we (guests) see in the parks is “on-stage” team members are the “cast members”, and everything we don’t see is backstage. For many years Walt Disney World has been lifting the curtain and giving guests the opportunity to see how some of the magic is created in the Backstage Magic Tour. In a few short months we’ll see a change coming to the famed tour. Should you camp out for tickets? Let’s take a sneak peak at the Playbill and see if this is a production worth checking out.

American Adventure is part of the Backstage Magic Tour
American Adventure at Epcot

What Is It?

It’s more than a 3-hour tour, it’s actually a 7 hour walking tour. The Backstage Magic Tour spans across 3 different parks and a variety of behind the scenes facilities, including: the inner workings of American Adventure in Epcot, Creative Costuming, Central Shops, Textile Services, and the “in”famous Magic Kingdom utilidor (the underground tunnels). As part of the tour, guests enjoy a barbeque lunch at Whisper Canyon in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. When the tour ends each guest receives a commemorative gift unique to the Backstage Magic Tour.

Passholder Insight: When you’re on tour you’re able to take as many pictures as you would like when you’re “on stage”. However, when you’re behind the scenes no pictures or video is permitted.

You go behind Rivers of Light as part of the Backstage Magic Tour
Rivers of Light

Changing It Up!  

Starting on June 1, 2019, Walt Disney World is switching up the Backstage Magic Tour. As part of the update you’ll make a stop at the Animal Kingdom to go behind the scenes of Rivers of Light. Rivers of Light is Animal Kingdom’s nighttime water centric spectacular. Built around autonomous floats and water projections the elegant show is visually stunning and beautifully choreographed to a symphony of sound. On the tour you’ll go behind the scenes to see the technology that brings it all together.

In addition to going behind the scenes of River of Light, guests will now enjoy lunch at Tiffins in the Animal Kingdom. Tiffins is a Disney World signature restaurant and if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan would be two dining credits. Tiffins’ menu is built around the bold flavors of the world to match the explorer’s club atmosphere of the restaurant.

Passholder Insights: Tiffins does offer a variation of the bread service from Saana. If you’re unable to make it over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village, this is a great alternative way to enjoy the app – and trust us, you want to try this bread service!

Backstage Magic Tour will not include Textile Services
Textile Services at Walt Disney World

What’s Leaving

You cannot add to the Backstage Magic Tour without removing something, or it would be a 10 hour tour. To make room for the behind the scenes at Rivers of Light, Disney World will be removing the Textile Services visit. The Textile Services is one of the world’s largest laundry facilities. At first pass this may not seem too interesting, however it’s one of the coolest thing to see in action. The other part changing is the restaurant serving up lunch. Tiffins will be replacing the Whispering Canyon barbeque. It makes a lot of sense to move lunch to a location that’s part of the tour.

Passholder Insights: The change in the Backstage Magic Tour is due to the renovations that will be taking place the Wilderness Lodge.

Our Thoughts

Overall the Backstage Magic Tour is a must do for anyone who’s interested in seeing how Disney creates the magic. If you’re like Serena and prefer not knowing, this may not be the tour for you as when you head behind the scenes you may see things that could take away from your experience on stage.

Lace up you’re best walking shoes, we’re going to see how Mickey does it!  

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