Ready, set, let’s holiday! The Walt Disney World festive spirit is spreading to the Animal Kingdom holiday decorations. The holiday season at Walt Disney World is one of the best times of the year at the parks, from Mickey’s Party at the Magic Kingdom to the Festival of the Holiday Epcot, it’s a must-see experience. On November 8, 2019, the Animal Kingdom takes a big step in joining the rest of the Walt Disney World parks in celebrating the season. We’re rocking our Christmas sweaters, let’s see how the Animal Kingdom holiday decorations are coming together!

Coming Back

Last year marked Disney World’s first major holiday up for the Animal Kingdom with the addition to the Diwali celebration. The festival of light was a truly beautiful sight, especially at night when the lanterns were lit. Disney is bringing back the celebration to the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom with more lanterns and glowing flowers in this year’s version. You’ll theses Animal Kingdom holiday decorations outside the Anadapur Theater (home to UP! The Great Bid Adventure) along the waterfront.

Passholder Insights: Along the waterfront is a shaded seating area that is rarely busy. It’s a great place to take a midday break from the Florida sun.

Donald’s Holiday Bash

Over in Dinoland USA, Donald and his other Dino-Bash friends are decking out the land for the holiday. The Animal Kingdom holiday decorations associated with Donald’s Dino-Bash will reflect each of the character’s personalities. Should we assume in true Scrooge McDuck fashion some type of money related decorations? We think it’s a safe bet!

Once night falls it’s time to dance it out in Dinoland USA! In what’s being described as a Truck-O-Saurus will be pumping out the jams. Guests will be able to partake in dancing and interactive games with none other than Chip and Dale. Fingers crossed they’re rocking a Christmas inspired dino costume.

Passholder Insights: During less busy times, Dinosaur operates with limited hours. The hours would be from 10 am to 6 pm.

West Meets East

Harambe at Christmas! What do you get when you mix western style with the authentic African celebrations? You get Animal Kingdom holiday decorations for the Africa section of the park. With subtle adjustments to the famous musical and entertainment acts costumes, along with new music, we have Christmas in Harambe.

In addition the area will be the go-to location for holiday-inspired character dining at the Tusker House. Mickey and friends will be showing off their holiday best for the season.

An Avatar Christmas

Pandora is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase home for the holidays. Decorated with ex-pats kitschy decor from Earth, mixed with a little Pandora flare, you got an Avatar Christmas. The majority of the Animal Kingdom holiday decorations in the World of Avatar will be centered around Pongu Pongu and Satu’li Canteen.

Passholder Insights: Pandora is one of the areas in the Animal Kingdom that’s great to see in the day and a can’t miss at miss.

Center Of It All

Discovery Island is the focal point for the Animal Kingdom holiday decorations. Entering the land you stumble upon a winter celebration where artists have put their unique spins on the decorations. It’s truly a white Christmas in Discovery Island with a white serving as the backdrop for the animal luminaries on the rooftops, wire bird-shaped lanterns and garland draped from the buildings.

The headliner is sure to be the variety of life-size holiday animal puppets. From reindeer to polar bears and of the always dressed for the occasion penguins. Musicians will provide a holiday soundtrack to the area and the puppets interact with guests.

Capping off the night will be the newly developed holiday version of the Tree of Life Awaken. Winter tales is the theme to show with holiday musical traditions setting the tone.

Our Thoughts

Excited! Over the past few years, Disney has slowly been expanding the holiday flare of the Animal Kingdom. It’s great to see they’ve made the jump to deck out the Animal Kingdom with holiday decorations. It’s still early but we’re betting these new editions will be gift everyone is talking about in the new year. The holidays have come to the Animal Kingdom!

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