Could the African Outpost days be numbered? The land behind the World Showcase pavilion has been cleared and the rumors are running rampant. Anytime Disney clears land around Walt Disney World, and even more so around Epcot’s World Showcase, Disneyphiles cross their fingers that it means a new attraction or resort or – even better – a new country is on its way. Let’s play one of the DVC Duo’s favorite childhood games and connect the dots on what the land clearing behind the African Outpost could mean. Remember four in a row wins!

Land behind African Outpost being cleared
Land Being Cleared

What We Know?

When Epcot first opened, Disney always planned for expansion around the World Showcase, with the addition of more countries. Since 1982 Disney World always planned to add an African area to the World Showcase between China and Germany. While Disney worked to organize an African pavilion the area was used as a refreshment outpost. Unfortunately, nothing ever panned out and more than likely will not happen as Africa was added to the Animal Kingdom.

With the addition of Africa to the Animal Kingdom the African Outpost has become a temporary area within the World Showcase. In November of 2018 an aerial photo from bioreconstruct was posted to Twitter showing a large amount of land behind the African Outpost being cleared.

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African Outpost could make way for a Brazil Pavilion
Could We See A Brazil Pavilion?

New World Showcase Country?  

Is Walt Disney World clearing the land for a new pavilion for the World Showcase? Every Disneyphile is hoping so. There are a variety of countries in the running as a potential new World Showcase country. We recently went through the most likely candidates in the following article.

We know that Epcot is gearing up for a major update in preparation for it’s 40th anniversary. The addition of a new World Showcase country would make sense and timing wise it would line up well for the upcoming celebration.

African Outpost land clearing could be for the back stage facilities displaced by recent construction
Construction of Space Restaurant

What Else Could It Be?

The more likely reason Disney is clearing the land behind the African Outpost is for “backstage” facilities. With the expansion in the France pavilion for Ratatouille and the addition of a new restaurant attached to Mission Space, Disney has had to remove many storage buildings around Epcot and will need to relocate them.

The other option is for the land to be used for the new Epcot nighttime spectacular coming to the park. Rumors are that Disney will be including drones in the show and will need a place to store, charge, and launch the drones. Building a facility behind the African Outpost would make sense logistically as the nearby canal provides easy access to the Word Showcase lagoon, it would be the perfect place for the drones. Especially, for launching the drones, as they could easily fly under the bridge and Disney would not have to worry about stopping guests to clear a flight path for the drones. The other rumored location for where the drones would launch is the area between the Japan and America pavilion

African Outpost area has room for two countries.
Potential World Showcase Expansion Pads

Wait It’s a Double Lot?  

What’s really interesting about the African Outpost location is that the area has room for two countries. Another country could easily be added next to the cleared out land. Disney could keep the refreshment port in front of the cleared out land to mask the facilities, while also adding a new country next to Germany. Say it with us –  winning!

Connect Four!

Gathering all the information, as much as we would love another country, connecting the dots it looks like the land will be used for facilities. By no means does this mean another country is not on its way. We could see another country added between the Germany and Italy pavilions, the currently location of the trains or the second area o the African Outpost. We should find out exactly what the land will be used for at D23 in August. Fingers crossed we see either Australia or Brazil added to the World Showcase!

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