We’ll bring the snacks! Every great sleepover needs snacks, right? There are no better snacks than classic Disney snacks. Rumors around a new Epcot resort recently resurfaced and it got us thinking, could we see a new Epcot resort in the coming years? Let’s slip into our pajamas and gather around for a bedtime story, some many say a tail as old as time. Right, Beast?

Chapter One

There’s no better place to start than at the beginning. The idea around a new Epcot resort has been floating around for a while, with a variety of sources making mention of it. The greatest traction came in the months leading up to the 2017 D23 expo as part of the overall update to the Future World section of Epcot.

It’s well known that the Bob’s (Chapek and Iger) are both in favor of finding a way to add a resort to one of the Walt Disney World parks. Similar to the MiraCosta at DisneySea, the Disneyland Resort in Paris, and Grand California at Disney’s California Adventure. All of these resorts have direct access to a Disney park from the resort. Each of these resorts are viewed as extensions to the respective parks and offers rooms with direct views into the park.

Passholder Insights: The closest option Disney World will have to a resort with direct park access will be the new Star Wars resort when it opens.

Where Could It Go?

Epcot. Well, yes, of course, Epcot as the article title suggests. The question is really where around the park could a new Epcot resort go? There are two potential locations with first being right at the park’s main entrance. By combining the entrance and the monorail station, rumor has it a resort in this style that would create a similar experience as the MiraCosta in Tokyo. A new Epcot resort located at the main entrance would enhance the reveal of Spaceship Earth when guests enter the park.

The second potential location the rumors suggest is between The Land and The Seas pavilion, just outside the park. If a new Epcot resort we’re in this location it would be possible for another entrance to the park. This would be similar to Grand Californian with its entrance across from Grizzly Run at Disney’s California Adventure.

Passholder Insights: The area where The Land and The Seas pavilions are located is being transformed into World Nature.

Recent Rumblings

On the weekend of November 2, 2019, rumors around a new Epcot resort resurfaced in a big way. Pictures of a weather balloon (height test balloon) spread through social media like wildfire, with many believing the balloon was being used for marking the location of a potential resort. The weather balloon could be seen for the entrance area of Epcot. Disney World traditionally uses weather balloons to get a rough idea of what the sightlines could be if a new building is added.

Passholder Insights: Construction of a new park entrance is well underway and could be completed in the first half of 2020.

Is It True?

That’s the big question. It turns out that the weather balloon was being used for the runDisney event, the Wine and Dine half-marathon to mark where guests would pick up rideshare vehicles after the race. Additionally, a lot of the green space around Epcot is marked as unbuildable by the Reedy Creek Development Department, due to is being marshland.

Our Thoughts

The addition of a new Epcot resort would be great to see. At the moment there is nothing on the horizon. If a new resort were to be added to the park, it would be a later phase of updates. With it estimated that phase two is already in the works, which includes the Imagination Pavilion, it is possible a new Epcot resort could be part of it. For now, we will more than likely have to wait until after the 50th anniversary to hear anything from Disney World. Alright, time for bed. Who needs a glass of water?

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