“Caw! Caw! Roar!” Russell and Dug are calling for all Wilderness Explorers and future club members to join them. The Animal Kingdom must be explored! Animal Kingdom is the largest Walt Disney World theme park, and has tons of things to see and enjoy, from animals to plants, and even a Yeti. Every direction you turn you’ll see different exotic animals to observe and learn about. With so much to take in, it’s easy to miss a lot, especially for the little gippers. No worries, Russell and Dug got your backs. Grab your daypack, we’re joining the Wilderness Explorers Club on an expedition around the Animal Kingdom.

Kids performing Wilderness Explorers Club activity
Wilderness Explorers Club Activity

What is The Wilderness Explorers Club?

Stemming from the Pixar movie Up, in the summer of 2013 Disney World launched a new way to experience the Animal Kingdom called, Wilderness Explorers Club. Geared towards kids and kids at heart, the Wilderness Explorers Club brings guests on an activity filled tour of the Animal Kingdom. Following your Wilderness Explorers Club guidebook you’ll earn badges as you complete different activities around the park.

Logo for the Wilderness Explorers Club
Wilderness Explorers Club Logo

How Do I Start?

The Wilderness Explorers Club is an activity that goes on all day, every day. You’re able to begin and end whenever it works best for your schedule. To kick-off your expedition you’ll head to one of the following locations to pick up your Wilderness Explorers Club guidebook the Oasis bridge, Dinoland, Africa, and Asia. You’ll want to look for the W/E logo. Head inside and ask a cast member for a guidebook

After picking up your guidebook, you can begin in any order you would like. The guidebook includes a map highlighting where each of the stops are located.

Passholder Insight: The Wilderness Explorers Club is a great way to entertain little ones while you wait for a FastPass time or a mobile food order.

Wilderness Explorers Club Guidebook
Guidebook for Wilderness Explorers Club

We’re Ready to Explore!

With over 30 different activities you’ll have tons to see and do. Some of the activities include visiting specific animal exhibits and learning cool facts about them, to being mystified by the folklore of the yeti, to helping Dug find some dinosaur bones. Watch out Dug, Pluto is searching for bones too (you can meet Pluto in the Dinoland Boneyard)! After completing an activity the Wilderness Explorer ranger in the area will hand you a sticker for your guide. There are 31 different stickers to collect.

What’s great about the Wilderness Explorers Club is you don’t have to be completed everything at once. You could do a little one day, then come back another do some more. It doesn’t even have to be on the same vacation. If you’re looking to complete everything in one fell swoop you’ll want to budget anywhere between 3 to 5 hours to complete all 31 activities.

Passholder Insights: There is no cost for the guidebook, it is included if your park admission.

Wilderness Explorers Club Badge
Earning a Badge

Our Thoughts

The Wilderness Explorers Club is a fabulous way to explore the Animal Kingdom. Whether you’re heading to the park to enjoy the major attractions, like our Top 3, or looking for more of an adventure. The Wilderness Explorers Club offers something for everyone. Best of all, it slows you down on those hot days while still having a blast. There’s lots to explore, keep an eye out for Kevin!

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