Fourth FastPass, and beyond? That’s music to our ears tell us more! Oh, you know you can rely on the DVC Duo to keep you in the know, Buzz. The only thing better than three FastPass selections with your park ticket is a fourth FastPass. Let’s peel back the layers and take our FastPass knowledge to the level. Off to the parks we go!

The Baseline

Every great song has a great baseline. When we’re talking about the Walt Disney World FastPass system it means understanding the essentials and My Disney Experience. We recommend reviewing these articles first as they’ll set the stage for the rest. Don’t worry we’ll wait for you….see we told we would wait. Now that we have a sturdy base let’s take our FastPass knowledge to infinity, and maybe even beyond!

Passholder Insights: One of the big advantages of staying at a Disney resort is the ability to make your FastPass selections 60 days in advance.

Scanning in for our Fourth FastPass
FastPass In Use

How It Works

Diving into the deep end! We know why you’re here, to learn about the fourth FastPass and beyond. We’re channeling our inner Buzz and skipping the infinity and going right for the beyond. Prior to arriving at Walt Disney World, more than likely you’ve booked your three FastPass selections. Perfect! The fourth FastPass comes into after you use your initial three.

Let’s take this to the parks. After you tap your MagicBand to enter the queue for your third scheduled FastPass you become eligible to make more FastPass selections. That’s right, it’s not after your ride or experience the attraction it’s after you tap your MagicBand at the first entry of the FastPass queue.

Passholder Insights: If a member of your party decides to skip an attraction and not use one of their FastPass selections they will not be eligible for more FastPass selections. We recommend canceling the FastPass that would not be used.

Selecting our Fourth FastPass on My Disney Experience
FastPass Selection on My Disney Experience App

Add More FastPass Selections

Ding! The magical sound every Disneyphile loves to hear when entering the FastPass queue. The ding signals you’re moments away from tracking down a Yeti or experience any of the other great Disney attractions, it also means you’re able to nab a fourth FastPass (if you’re using your third). Any time after you hear the ding you can open you’re My Disney Experience App and search for any FastPass in any of the parks for any of the tiers.

What we like to do is check the My Disney Experience App right after checking in for our third FastPass. More often than not, you’ll have a few minutes prior to experiencing the attraction to do a quick search to see what’s out there. The best part is you can rinse and repeat with the process to go beyond the fourth FastPass to your fifth, etc.

Passholder Insights: Each of the parks has a FastPass location to add and modify FastPass selection if you do not have the My Disney Experience App on your smartphone.

Using our Fourth FastPass at Jungle Cruise
FastPass Entrance for Jungle Cruise

Strategy Time

There are tons of great strategies on how to deploy to use your FastPass selections. For park strategies checkout our FastPass Strategy guides for each of the parks:

What we like to do is plan our first three FastPass selections for midday (as best we can), opening us up for the fourth FastPass earlier in the afternoon. From there a lot will depend on what attractions are available, which attractions we’ve already experienced. More often than not we’ll pick the attraction based on how quickly we’re able to experience it, with the exception being a Tier 1 attraction being available.

Later in the day is a great time to use your fourth or beyond FastPass on a nighttime Spectacular. We’re excited when we can nab a Fantastic FastPass late in the day.

Passholder Insights: The modify feature on the My Disney Experience App is your best friend. If the FastPass time is not the ideal time try selecting it then modified it. We’ve had decent success using this strategy.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember about the fourth FastPass selection and beyond is it always a surprise. Some may say a game-time decision. We’re found the best strategy is staying flexible and going with the flow. Before heading down to the parks we highly recommend becoming familiar with My Disney Experience App. Ding! We’ve got to go, it’s FastPass time!

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