Ring, ring! Oh no, it’s the dreaded work call at Disney. After carefully planning your exit for a trip to the most magical place on Earth, the last thing anyone wants to see is a request to take a work call. From time to time, we have no option but to take a work call at Disney World. No worries, the DVC Duo got you covered with our survival guide. After taking many work calls from the parks, we’ve learned the in’s and out’s. It’s time to answer that call! 

Be Prepared! 

Great advice, Scare! Preparation is half the battle when taking a work call at Disney. More often than not the calls we need to take, are the ones that pop-up. For us, we like to throw in a couple of items into our park bag before heading out. The most overlooked item is definitely a Bluetooth headset, or headphones with a built-in microphone, we learned the hard way. Let’s just say holding a phone to your head on warm Florida days is far from enjoyable. Plus no one needs a sweaty phone screen when using My Disney Experience to snag your fourth FastPass of the day. 

Beyond the headset, the only other major item we toss into the bag is a battery charger for our phone. Serving multiple purposes, the battery charger is a must when taking a call at Disney, as phone calls do a number on your phone’s charge. No one needs a dead phone when trying to translate Aurebersh in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Passholder Insights: Within the Disney Parks you’ll find free WiFi which works well for apps, we just would not recommend it for WiFi calls. 

Quiet Spots – Beyond The Room

It’s vacation, no need to hang out in the room when taking a work call. One of the biggest things we’ve learned from making and taking calls is where to find quiet places in each park. Disney parks are filled with wonderful background music, other guests laughing and smiling, parades and entertainment, and everything in between. All of which are not the best things for a phone call. Here are our favorite spots in each park to make or take a call. 

Magic Kingdom 

In Tomorrowland behind Joffrey’s coffee stand, you’ll find us hiding out for a call. With a few shady bench options, it’s a great place to pull up a seat to chat away. The best part, you can snag a coffee either before or after your call. You can never have too much caffeine right? An alternative is on the opposite side of the park on the second floor of the Columbia Harbour House. Directly across from the Haunted Mansion is the quick-serve location where you’ve got A/C and tables. The second floor tends to be a less used area. 

Hollywood Studios  

At the end of Sunset Blvd, the very end. We’re talking about the area just past the exit of one of our favorite Hollywood Studios rides, the Tower of Terror. When walking towards the entrance of the attraction head straight over turning left for the queue and head towards the Joffrey’s coffee stand. Are you seeing a trend? We like quiet places where we can grab a coffee when taking a work call at Disney. Just past the stand is a shaded area with places to sit for your call. 


We’re using our Imagination for this one. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves with that joke. Our go-to spot at Epcot is to the right of the entrance to the Imagination attraction. With ample shade, it’s the perfect place for that impromptu call. No coffee here, however, there’s a fantastic popcorn stand nearby! An alternative is in the World Showcase in the Italy pavilion. When walking into the pavilion you’ll a little alleyway to the left, which works well. 

Animal Kingdom 

We left the hardest park for last. The Animal Kingdom is filled with music, some may say it’s a wild time! We’ve found the shaded seating area in Drinkwalla is an amazing place when taking a work call at Disney. It can be hit or miss, depending on how many people are in the area, but if you can find a seat in the shade it’s perfect. Bonus points if you get the table with the fan blowing on you! An alternative would be near the exit for Finding Nemo the Musical, as long as the show is not letting out. 

Our Thoughts 

With preparation and understanding where to go taking a work call at Disney World is relatively easy. There’s no need to hideaway in the room. When we’re looking for a place to set up shop for a call there are three things we look for, shade, relatively quiet and has a place to sit down. If you have those three things you’re good to go. Looks like works is calling! We’re letting it go to voicemail, we’ve got to find that dino! 

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