1..2..3, break! Nothing is more important than taking at break at Walt Disney World, well, maybe FastPasses. Disney has tons of amazing things to see, attractions to experience, and of course food to try. Have you heard about the spring rolls in the Magic Kingdom? Well now you have, you’re welcome. Take it from us, it’s very easy to go from sunrise to moon rise, as Disney has nighttime spectaculars as well. At some point each day you’ll need a few minutes to recharge, and making a trip back to your resort may not always be possible. Let’s kick up our feet up and discuss our favorite in-park spots for taking a break at Walt Disney World!

Break at Walt Disney World - Drinkwallah
Drinkwallah at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

It’s a jungle out there! Hidden behind the trees is a great place to pull up a chair and enjoy your favorite beverage at Drinkwalla at the Animal Kingdom. At the crossroads of the paths to Discovery Island and the Asia sections of the park, are stairs that take you down to a patio. The Drinkwalla patio is a great place in the Animal Kingdom to recharge, as the patio is well shaded and has picturesque views of the Tree of Life.

Passholder Insights: Coming in a close second is the patio area of Flame Tree Barbecue. With the views of the Everest in the background, it can’t be beat!

Taking a Break at Walt Disney World in France
Pier at World Showcase


Everywhere you look in Epcot you’ll find great places for taking a break at Walt Disney World. From the alcoves in Italy, to the market pathways in Morocco, you really can’t go wrong. A true hidden gem is the peninsula that sticks out by the bridge between France and the United Kingdom. You’ll want to head down the stairs, grab a seat on a bench or the wall, and gaze aimlessly onto the World Showcase Lagoon.

With the Mexico Pavilion in the distance and Spaceship Earth peering over your right shoulder, it’s the perfect place to recharge. The engineering marvel about this patio is how the majority of the crowd noise dissipates, and you’re left with a really peaceful location.

Passholder Insights: Be aware that this location is next to the smoking section. However starting on May 1,  2019 Walt Disney World will be 100% non-smoking within the parks.

Muppet Courtyard a great place for a break at Walt Disney World
Muppet Courtyard

Hollywood Studios

Soon the crowds will descend upon Hollywood Studios and finding a quiet place to take a break from Walt Disney World will be a challenge. No place will be safe when Star Wars Galaxy Edge opens, however for now our favorite location is still all systems go. Towards the back of the park near Muppet Vision 3-D, across from Pizza Rizzo is a set of tables and umbrellas. With the Miss Piggy statue in the distance it’s a great place to relax, enjoy an adult timeout with a frothy beverage from Baseline tap house, while you map out the rest of your day.

While there we would definitely recommend dropping in to see the most famous frog around, Kermit! If you enjoy classic Muppet humor, this is a must see show.

Passholder Insights: If you keep walking past Pizza Rizzo you’ll find our favorite Christmas store in Hollywood Studios. It’s open year round and a great spot to find a unique ornament.

Tortuga Tavern Seating Area
Tortuga Tavern Seating Area

Magic Kingdom

We saved the hardest park for last, but you know us, we’ve always got you covered. Directly across from the A Pirate’s Adventure is an awesome little area that’s amazing for people watching while you regroup. In between Pecos Bill’s exit the and back of the outdoor seating area for Tortuga Tavern is a group of about 3 to 4 tables with umbrellas.

The pathway connects Frontierland to Adventureland and tends to be on the quieter side and well shaded. Most people don’t tend to stop here, as the tables are the furthest from where you order your meal at both Tortuga Tavern and Pecos Bill’s.

Passholder Insights: A close second would be the grassy areas in front of the castle, surprisingly very few people plop down here for a break. Best part is – no grass stains, as it’s fake grass. #winning

When planning out your Disney World trip, we would recommend scheduling a few minutes to take a break at Walt Disney World to recharge. No one wants Disney World burnout after the first day or two. We don’t know about you, but we’re recharged. Let’s go find that Dino!

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