The ball has dropped, we celebrated, and now it’s time to kick-off the new year! We’re going to try our best to contain our excitement while writing this article. This year begins the unveiling of several new Walt Disney World updates. From today through 2021 we are going to see a cornucopia of restaurants, shows, hotels, rides, and even new transportation opening at Walt Disney World and we can’t wait to check them all out. Putting together a list our top 3 new Walt Disney World attractions coming in 2019 was a lot harder than we expected. Great debate was had, and luckily for you, we’ve persevered and narrowed the list down to 3 attractions we both can’t wait to see this year. Let’s review the winners of the debate.

Top 3 New Walt Disney World Attractions coming in 2019 - Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway  

How great is it that Micky & Minnie are finally getting their own ride? We are anxiously awaiting the debut, and, this is unanimously our top choice. It sounds like it will be a classic Disney dark ride with an updated twist: physical sets, animatronics, and storytelling, but with 2.5D, no glasses needed! The DVC Duo rejoice! It’s great to see Disney create attractions that continue to be augmented reality not just virtual reality based on 3D screens.

We were definitely sad to see one of our all time favorite attractions close,The Great Movie Ride, to make way for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. However, we’re betting this attraction will be a hidden gem of Hollywood Studios. Rumor has it that Walt Disney is already looking to bring the attraction to Disneyland. For us, that is always a great sign that Disney has created an amazing ride. According to Bob Chapek, knower of all things Walt Disney World, the ride is projected to open in the Fall of 2019. We saw updated signs of construction during our last trip and we are pumped!

Top 3 New Walt Disney World Attractions coming in 2019 - Disney Skyliner
Disney Skyliner

Disney Skyliner

Second on our list of new Walt Disney World attractions coming in 2019 is the Disney Skyliner. We know that the Disney Skyliner is not an actual attraction, but we’re all friends so we’ll let it slide. In truth, the Skyliner will be like the monorail and be one of the Disney attractions that doesn’t require a park ticket. Our favorite part is how the Skyliner will connect the Caribbean Beach Resort to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We will have easy access to Sebastian’s Bistro!

This new method of transportation should help connect Hollywood Studios and Epcot to some of the surrounding hotels and in our opinion will help guests access these resorts for other things, such as dining. We are looking forward to using it to visit the new DVC resort Disney Riviera and we know it will certainly help with crowd volume going to Pop Century and Art of Animation.

Top 3 New Walt Disney World Attractions coming in 2019 - Epcot Forever
Epcot Forever

Epcot Forever

What is Epcot Forever? As we discussed in previous article, Illuminations Reflections of Earth will be closing in the fall of 2019. We learned in November, from Bob again, that there will be two shows, yes two shows, replacing Illuminations. The first will be a Epcot Forever. In their official announcement Disney Parks Blog states the new show “will begin with a spark of imagination that swells into an epic spectacle of fireworks, music, lighting, lasers, and special effects kites.” Special effect kites? Tell us more! We can’t wait, as we love the classic music of former Epcot attractions like Horizons, Journey into Imagination, and, World of Motion. With it’s 8 month limited run, it will be a must see for all Disneyphiles and Epcot fans.

We have learned a lot about the show in recent weeks from Jim Hill Media. Jim described Epcot Forever as a show that will primarily take place in the sky. Hence the special effect kites. The show will have limited effects coming from World Showcase lagoon, as the lagoon will be partially drained for the updates needed for the permanent nighttime spectacular coming in 2020. We also learned from Jim that the kites used in Epcot Forever are a test for the “drones” that will be part of the 2020 show.

What new Walt Disney World attractions coming in 2019 are you most excited about? We’d love to know! It’s going to be a great year!

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