Hands up! What’s better than Disney rides? Disney rides at night! Not just any attractions – we’re talking about thrill rides. There is something about nighttime that makes every outdoor roller coaster better, and Disney thrill rides are no exception. There’s something about experiencing your favorite ride at reduced light there’s is another layer of excitement for sure! It’s a beautiful night for the parks, let’s conquer the DVC Duo’s favorite Disney rides at night. Gear up we’re heading out for the wildest nighttime rides!

At the Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain is one of best Disney Rides at Night
Big Thunder Mountain

Magic Kingdom – The Classic  

Once night falls, Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom comes to life. The runaway railroad cars whip through the night sky, with mountains and village scenes illuminated by the moon. An attraction that is packed with tight turns and perfectly placed drops, is even more action packed when the lights are low!

Our favorite part of Big Thunder Mountain at night are the views. As you climb to the top of the mountain, you’ll want to look back over your right shoulder for the perfect view of the castle. The views don’t end with the climb, it continues throughout the wildest ride in the wilderness, you’ll continue to catch glimpse of the majestic castle as you careen down the track. Capping off the ride is a Memory Maker view of the castle followed by a high speed turn looking over the Rivers of America.

Passholder Insights: What makes Big Thunder Mountain one of the more unique Disney rides at night is the ability to see the fireworks while on the ride.

Slinky Dog Dash

Hollywood Studios – The New Kid  

A wonderful recent addition to the Disney rides at night category is Slinky Dog Dash. Andy has built the perfect family friendly night time attraction in his backyard. With its “thinner” track the night adds the perfect about excitement to the coaster. Racing through the night sky you feel as though you’re flying through the backyard Buzz Lightyear style. To Infinity and Beyond! As you whiz by Jessie and Rex, keep an ear out, as you may catch them chatting away.

Our favorite aspect of Slinky Dog Dash at night is the details you’ll see in the theming. With the darkness filling the air, and masking the distractions, you see all the details of the attraction. Towards the end of the ride keep eye out to the right and you’ll the see one of our Top 3 rides at Hollywood Studios.

Passholder Insights: An alternative to rope dropping Slinky Dog Dash is to get in line just before the park closes. If you’re in line before the park closes you’ll still be able to ride and wait times are usually less.

At the Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest is one of best Disney Rides at Night
Expedition Everest

Animal Kingdom – The Champion

When Walt Disney World extended the hours at the Animal Kingdom back in May 2016, our lives would never be the same again. At the top of our Disney rides at night list, as well as one of our Top 3 rides in the Animal Kingdom, is Expedition Everest. From the climb up to the top with the grand views of Walt Disney to World, to the pitch dark drop, Expedition Everest is thrill ride perfection.

What makes the ride our top choice is how you’re able to see more during the show scenes especially the Yeti in all her glory. Since your eyes are already adjusted to the darkness you’re able to more details than during the day

Passholder Insights: On the climb to the top of Expedition Everest look out to the right and you can see Pandora at night, and if Rivers of Light is being performed it’s an awesome perspective.

Our Thoughts

We love roller coasters at night, and an honorable mention is Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. Plummeting down the flume through a misty filled chute, is definitely a thrill, especially when the bottom is obstructed! If a nighttime parade returns to the Magic Kingdom, the top of Splash Mountain has an amazing views of the parade route. The sun is setting, let’s find that Yeti!

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