Details! So many details! Walt Disney World is filled with nods to everything Disney, and you’ll find tons of them a long Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. Marked as one of the most magical places within Walt Disney World, you could spend hours seeking out all the details along Main Street USA.  Prior to our best friend, Google, it would take Disneyphiles years to discover the treasure-trove of Disney references. Keep your eyes peeled, we’re heading down Main Street USA to checkout the DVC Duo’s favorite hidden gems.

Mail a letter on Main Street USA
Mailbox on Main Street USA

Mail, not Email  

In a day of age where even email is becoming dated, there is still something special about receiving a letter or postcard. If you’re anything like us, you immediately look for where the mail was sent. One of the lesser-known things you can do is mail a letter from the most magical place on Earth, the Magic Kingdom.

Located at the end of Main Street USA directly in front of the Ice Cream Parlor is a mailbox. Attached to the light post is a green painted functioning mailbox, where you can drop off a postcard or letter. The majority of people usually overlook the mailbox as your eyes are drawn to towards castle, rightfully so, or you’re making a beeline to Casey’s for a hot dog.

If you’re looking for a cool low cost souvenir, mail yourself (or someone special) a postcard.

Passholder Insights: Ice cream fan like Nate? Check out the Ice Cream Parlor, as they are hand making waffle cones to order. Yum!

Main Street USA remembers former cast members
Lee Cockerell – Former Exec VP of Disney World

Look Up!  

Like any great city or main thoroughfare, you need to look up when walking down Main Street USA. On the majority of the windows above Main Street USA you’ll see an array of different proprietor’s names. What’s really interesting about the names is that they are real people that worked for Disney either as Imagineers, Leadership, or memorable cast members. It’s like the hall of fame for Walt Disney World.

Beyond the notable cast members, once and awhile you’ll notice a great “punny” name. Sprinkled throughout Walt Disney World are dad jokes galore, like over at Boardwalk Bakery run by “Hue G. Krazont”.

Main Street USA Flag Retreat by Train Station
Flag Retreat by Train Station

Flag Retreat  

The Magic Kingdom and Main Street USA are Americana at its best. One of the long-standing traditions at the park is the Flag Retreat. Every day before sundown at the front of the park in front of the train station there’s a Flag Retreat.

The 15-minute show includes members of the Color Guard, and the Disney marching-band performing the Pledge of Allegiance, and Star Spangled Banner as the flag is lowered. Each day a special guest veteran is handed the flag and a short parade down Main Street USA occurs. This is a special time in the park and a reverent display of patriotism.

Passholder Insights: A great vantage point to see the Flag Retreat is from the balcony of the train station. We would recommend getting there about 15 minutes prior to the start. Check out the My Disney Experience app for exact times.

Main Street USA Unique Holiday Detail
Mickey’s Christmas Carol Scenes

Holiday Time

Main Street USA is magical all times of the year, and especially during the holiday seasons. One of our favorite little details of Main Street USA is the telling of Mickey’s Christmas Carol in the windows of the Emporium. With the energy and excitement of the season it’s easy to miss these amazingly detailed show scenes from the movie. We cover this in more detail in our Magic Kingdom Holiday Guide.

With so much to see in Walt Disney World from rides, attractions, restaurants, and resorts, what keeps us coming back is the attention to detail. It’s what makes Disney stand apart from the rest. Keep those heads on a swivel next time you head down Main Street USA, you never know what or who you may see!

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