Drop that rope, we’re ready to ride! We’re up early to watch the sunrise over Cinderella’s Castle and talk Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies. Who says mornings can’t be fun? Waking up early at Walt Disney World definitely has its perks. With the lowest crowd levels of the day and cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a vary of Walt Disney World’s most infamous attractions. In this DVC Duo planning guide, we’re talking Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies. Coffee, check! That’s all we need, let’s go!

The Fundamentals 

Every great strategy starts with a solid foundation, and Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies are no different. In our whether to rope drop or not article, we cover the basics around what it means to rope drop. It’s a solid read if we do say so ourselves.

Continuing to build on our foundation there are a couple of good things to check for in the My Disney Experience app prior to rope dropping the Magic Kingdom. They are whether or not the park is offering Early Morning Magic and Extra Magic Hours. Both of these options let guests into the park prior to regular opening time. For guests staying on Disney property, you can use these Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies in conjunction with the Extra Magic Hours. Our foundation is solid, time to build!

Prior to placing our first brick atop our foundation, one thing to keep in mind when looking at the different Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies is which FastPass strategy you’re using. For us, we like to rope drop attractions we were unable to secure a FastPass selection for. 

Passholder Insights: At the Magic Kingdom the Starbucks on Main Street USA does open prior to the park opening if you’re looking for liquid caffeine early in the morning. 

Final Frontier

More like final Frontierland, but that didn’t roll off the tongue as easily. In this Magic Kingdom rope strategies category we’re heading for the mountains, well two of the mountains. Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, here we come! When rope dropping for these two attractions we recommend heading out through Liberty Square and making a left. It’s not a scientific fact but definitely feels like the shortest route.

When standing in the Magic Kingdom hub prior to park opening you’ll find the pathway to Liberty Square on the left side when facing the castle. It is the path just to the left of the castle.

After enjoying both mountains we like to stay to the right and head into Adventureland. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise, here we welcome. Oh yeah, and of course Nate is picking up a Dole Whip. Breakfast of champions, right? 

Passholder Insights: When arriving early at the Magic Kingdom (prior to park opening) it’s a great time to snap a front of castle pic, as the crowds are at the lowest point.

Off to Fantasyland 

Sorry, Peter, we’re changing course in this Magic Kingdom rope strategies category. Never land can wait. When heading to Fantasyland at park opening you’ll have a decision to make, are we heading to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or everything else? A lot will depend on whether or not you were able to snag a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass over not. If you’re looking to rope drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train there are a couple of good things to know. First, you‘ll want to head to the right of the Magic Kingdom hub and look for the cast member holding the start of the line (Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) sign. Second, we recommend getting there early, as many times they will start leading people in for the attraction prior to the park opening times (upwards of 10 mins).

For all other Fantasyland attractions, we recommend heading directly through the castle. It’s the shortest way. For us, if we’re rope dropping Fantasyland it is usually to head towards Peter Pan’s Flight. One of the all-time classic Magic Kingdom attractions is known for long waits, and rope dropping it, is a great way to experience it without a FastPass. Afterwards, you usually can enjoy the majority of the Fantasyland attractions before the crowds arrive. 

Passholder Insights: For an advanced rope dropping strategy, we recommend heading to Peter Pan’s flight followed by Winnie the Pooh. 

Let’s Do It Tomorrowland

No, we want to ride Space Mountain today! In this category of Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies, we’re heading out of this world. By far one of the most popular attractions at rope drop is Space Mountain. For some reason, we are all like Zoolander and have to head right. Heading right at the Magic Kingdom hub brings you into Tomorrowland, towards one of the three peaks of the park, Space Mountain.

This strategy is simple, you’ll want to head towards the bridge with the Tomorrowland sign. Head straight back then veer to the left. Heading to Space Mountain is a great idea if you don’t have a FastPass, as it usually the second-longest wait in the park outside of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Afterwards, we like to head right towards Fantasyland to ride either Winnie the Pooh or The Little Mermaid. 

Passholder Insights: Space Mountain is one of the attractions that you can score the magical fourth FastPass for later in the day. It’s not a guarantee, but definitely worth checking out after using your third FastPass.

Our Thoughts 

Rope dropping is great way to enjoy the more busy attractions when you don’t have a FastPass or looking to sneak in an additional ride when you do. Our biggest tip is to head in with the idea of the one attraction you want to experience then plans for a second. Afterwards, we like to play it by ear and work our way through our FastPass selections. For us, we always remind ourselves that flexibility is key when rope dropping, as the best strategies some time need an adjustment. Say it with us, DROP THAT ROPE!

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