Did you set the alarm? Wait, this is vacation why are we setting an alarm? We’re getting up early to discuss Hollywood Studios Rope Drop Strategies. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. In the case of Walt Disney World, the early risers get in more rides. When the temperatures are cool and the lines are at their shortest, it’s a great time to explore iconic movie scenes. In this DVC Duo planning guide, we’re sharing our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategies. Our alarm is set, coffee is set to brew, we’re ready to go!

The Baseline

No, we’re not talking about Baseline Tap House. Side note, there’s no better way to relax after a successful Hollywood studios rope drop than enjoying a snack and pint at Baseline Tap House. Back on topic. In our whether or not to rope drop article we cover the basics around what it means to be rope dropping. Definitely a great a read, but we may be biased.

As we discussed in our Magic Kingdom rope drop strategies, there are a couple of good things to look for in My Disney Experience app prior to a Hollywood Studios rope drop. The things you’re looking for are whether or not the park is offering Early Morning Magic or Extra Magic Hours. With both of these options let guests in the park prior to the official opening time. For guests staying on Disney property, you can use our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategies in conjunction with the Extra Magic Hours. We’ve got a good baseline, let’s add to our song!

The one thing we always keep in mind when planning out our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategies is which FastPass strategy we’re using. More often than not we like to rope drop the attractions where we were unable to secure a FastPass.

Passholder Insights: Prior to park opening the Trolley Car Cafe is open if you’re looking for a little liquid energy.

Black Spire Outpost near the Millennium Falcon

Let’s Fly!

In more ways than one! In this Hollywood Studios rope drop strategies category we’re flying to the back of the park to pilot the Millennium Falcon. With no FastPass option at the time of writing this article, heading to Batuu early in the morning is a great way to start the day.

When entering Hollywood Studios prior to park opening, you’ll want to stay to the left and look for the cast member holding the sign for the Millennium Falcon.

After helping Hondo we like to head for Andy’s backyard for Slinky Dog Dash or Toy Story Mania. Only after grabbing a Ronto Roasters breakfast wrap of course. It’s delicious food you can enjoy on the go! Later in the day, we’ll head back to Black Spire Outpost to explore everything the land has to offer.

Passholder Insights: Keep an eye out for the hidden Millennium Falcons on the ship. That’s right there are miniature falcons hidden with the larger spacecraft.

Who Wants To Be A Toy?

Why be a millionaire when you can be a toy in Andy’s backyard. With two of the park’s most popular attractions in Toy Story Land, the big decision is are you rope dropping Slinky Dog Dash or Toy Story Mania. A lot will depend on which attraction you were able to snag a FastPass for. Entering Hollywood Studios prior to the park’s official opening you’ll want to stay towards the center of the Hollywood Boulevard. Cast member from Toy Story Land will meet you there to lead you back. We recommend getting to the park early as the cast members will usually lead you back around 10 minutes prior to park opening.

When entering the land the majority of guests will be heading towards Slinky Dog Dash. When heading for Toy Story Mania you’ll want to stay to the left of the group and veer off as guests start to line up. The line up is for Slinky Dog Dash. If you’re heading for Slinky Dog Dash, keep an eye for the cast member holding the end of the line sign labeled for Slinky Dog Dash.

Early morning is a great way to enjoy all Andy has to offer. The way we usually do it is, Toy Story Mania then Alien Swirling Saucers if we have Slinky Dog Dash FastPass. On the times we do not, we’ll put Slinky Dog Dash first.

Passholder Insights: Another option for enjoying Slinky Dog Dash is to step in line just before park closing. We’ve seen waits time around 30 minutes at this time.

Rain Coming in Over Tower of Terror

Sunset In The Morning?

That’s right! We’re talking about Sunset Blvd. Last of our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategies takes us down Sunset Blvd towards Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and The Hollywood Tower of Terror. Two of the more exciting attractions at Walt Disney World will definitely get your blood pumping early in the morning. When heading for these attractions, you’ll want to stay the right on Hollywood Blvd and make the first right.

This strategy comes down to deciding which attraction to enjoy first. For us, we recommend heading to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster first, as it tends to get longer lines as the day proceeds. We like to race to the Aerosmith concert, then drop-in for our stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Afterward, we check the My Disney Experience App to see the wait times for other attractions.

Passholder Insights: Tucked away next to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is Lightning McQueen Racing Academy. It’s a great stop when that Florida sun heats up.

Our Thoughts

Waking up early to rope drop is a fantastic way to enjoy the popular attractions at Hollywood Studios or sneak in that second or third ride of your favorite. Our top tip is to head to the park with an idea of the area you’re looking to head towards with two attractions in mind. From there we like to play it by ear and check out the wait times. For us, we always remind ourselves that flexibility is key, as even the best strategy may need to change from time to time. We’ve to dash to Andy’s backyard!

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