There’s more than one way to set up grocery delivery at Disney World. When it comes to your next Disney vacation, you’ve booked your FastPasses, found the perfect Disney Resort, you’re not renting a car, and the last question is – how do I get groceries? There are tons of options to choose from depending on what works best for you and your group. Got your shopping list? Alright let’s put in our order!

Goodings is the closest grocery store to Disney World
Located at the Crossroads

Old School Meets New School

Back in the day grocery delivery at Disney World was not an option, you had to make an actual trip to the grocery store. While staying at a Disney resort you can still go old school to the grocery store, even without a car. We would suggest using a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber. Depending on which Disney resort you’re staying at, the trip could be up to 20 minutes each way to the Goodings Grocery Store (the closest option to Walt Disney World).

This is a great option for those who enjoy picking out their own food, especially items like fruit.

Passholder Insights: We’ve gone to Goodings for groceries on many trips. It’s a great balance of quality (perishables) and price. Recently, a Publix opened 5 minutes down the road and their prices are even better.

The original grocery delivery at Disney World is Garden Grocer
Garden Grocer Ordering Screen

The Veteran

For years the go to service for grocery delivery at Disney World has been the Garden Grocer. The website is extremely user friendly and putting together your order only takes a few minutes. When using the Garden Grocer there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is the discount for submitting your order 60 days (or more) in advance. You’ll receive a 10% discount on your order, as well as ensuring your desired delivery time (a 2 hour window). The discount does a good job of evening out the markup for using the service.

A couple of things to be aware of are the minimum order requirements. The bare minimum is an order of $40. All orders have a delivery fee associated to them, for orders $40 to $199, it’s $14, for order $200+ it’s a $2 delivery fee.

On your delivery date you’ll receive updates via text or email, your choice. You’ll know exactly when your groceries are delivered to your resort.

Passholder Insights: Groceries from Garden Grocer are delivered to bell services. If you pick them up at bell services you can avoid paying the $6 delivery charge. If you choose to have your groceries brought to your it will cost $6 per package.

One option for Grocery Delivery at Disney World is Amazon Pantry
Amazon Pantry

The New Kids On The Block

Yeah, we went there! With technology comes great responsibility. Wait, that’s not it. With technology comes more ways for grocery delivery at Disney World. That’s it. There are a variety of different mobiles apps and services out there to choose from, if you have a favorite definitely check if they deliver in the Lake Buena Vista area. Below are a couple of our favorites.

Prime Now is available at Disney World for groceries
Prime Now Delivers to Disney World


How did we shop before Amazon? We have no idea! Amazon does deliver to the Disney Resorts and is great if you’re ordering any non perishable items. Our go to are protein bars, and no trip is complete without Cheez Its, right Serena?

If you go the Amazon route you’ll have a couple of options. You can either go with Amazon Pantry or Amazon Prime Now. Amazon pantry does have a more options to choose from, but requires a little more planning to ensure your package arrives on time. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, Walt Disney World does have Prime Now (2-hour delivery). Please note that the options with Prime Now are more limited than with Pantry.

Passholder Insights: Both Amazon options are subject to the $6 handling fee, as packages are delivered to the front desk at Disney World. Good news is the $6 fee is usually less than the markup for a personal shopper.


Variety it’s the spice of life. Finally, we got one of these sayings right! InstaCart is the newest of the new kids on the block for grocery delivery at Disney World. The mobile app has taken the personal shopper experience to the highest levels. You can do same day delivery, and even delivery in as little as an hour. In the Orlando area you’re able to pick which grocery store (Publix, Aldi, or Whole Foods) you wish to have your groceries purchased from.

What makes InstaCart so great is the personal shopper will text you while shopping if there is anything on your list that’s not available. You can live chat with them to make those on the fly adjustments. No surprises when you get your groceries. Trust us there’s nothing worse than expecting Fruit Loops and ending up with Shredded Wheat.

Best part about InstaCart is on your first order the delivery charge is waived! The minimum order is $10 and the delivery fee would be $9.99, for orders $35+ the delivery is $3.99.

Passholder Insights: With InstaCart you’re able to order from a variety of stores beyond just the grocery store, like CVS or PetCo (in case you brought your furry friend).

What About The Important Stuff?

Ahh! We know what you’re talking about, your thinking about something for your adult time out. Great news, both the Garden Grocer and InstaCart will deliver alcohol as well. The important thing to note is you will need to present your ID to pick it up.

Overall, grocery delivery at Disney World works really well. There’s a service for whatever works best for your group. The only thing left to do is to place our order. Don’t forget our Fruit Loops!

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