Say cheese! We all know the iconic Disney picture locations like in front of the castle. Did you even go to Disney if you didn’t get a castle picture? Debatable, definitely debatable (#sarcasm). We don’t need to tell you about the well known spots for a Disney picture as you’ll see the Disney photopass photographer waiting to capture your movie star smile. We’re talking about the lesser known spots around Walt Disney World. The spots that make you go, is that really Disney World (in a good way, of course)? We’ve got our favorite camera (our iPhone, shhh!), let’s go get that Disney picture!

Disney Picture at Grand Avenure
Grand Avenue

First Stop  

Let’s head to Hollywood! Hollywood Studios that is. The first stop on our Disney picture tour is Grand Avenue. Tucked away near Muppets 3D and Star Tours is the relatively new area created as the “waiting area” to enter Star Wars Galaxy Edge, called Grand Avenue. Designed to replicate the classic streets of Los Angeles, CA, Grand Avenue is fun place to take candid cityscape style pictures. From the store fronts filled with the “local” purveyor’s goods, to the open windows with the curtains flapping in the breeze, no detail is too small for Grand Avenue.    Depending on the angle your Disney picture may look more like a sunny afternoon in California, than a warm Florida day.

Passholder Insights: Next to Grand Avenue is Baseline Taphouse. A beautiful patio with shade to boot, it’s a great place to recharge while in the parks.

Disney Picture in the Morocco Pavilion
Morocco Pavilion

Second Stop

Onward! Right down the road from Hollywood Studios is Epcot. Some may say Epcot’s World Showcase is a photographers dream. You can be snapping pictures of a quaint British town one second, then moments later framing the perfect picture of a Mayan Temple. You really can’t go wrong photographing any of the countries.

In the DVC Duo house though, we do have a favorite Morocco. The level of detail within the pavilion is unmatched. Walking deeper and deeper into the pavilion you find yourself transported from Epcot to the narrow pathways of a Moroccan bizarre. We’ve taken tons of photos around the pavilion and every time we are left asking ourselves, is that a Disney picture?

What makes the Moroccan pavilion stand apart from the rest is the authenticity. When building the pavilion the Moroccan government had architects and builders from their country head to Disney World to design the buildings. Every little detail was thought out, even down to the title work where if you look closely you’ll see maybe one or two that are a little “off”. In the Moroccan culture it is believe that the title work cannot be perfect and that a small part should be imperfect. This detail was brought to the Epcot pavilion as well.

Passholder Pavilion: While exploring the pavilions keep an ear out for the different musical acts. Through out the afternoon and evening you’ll see different performers. It’s a great way to take in the culture.

Disney Picture in Harambee at the Animal Kingdom
Harambee in Animal Kingdom

Last Stop

We did it! We’ve made it to the end. If you know us, we always save the best for last and it’s no different when talking about Disney picture locations. For our last stop we’re heading to the newest park at Walt Disney World, the Animal Kingdom. Arguably the best park for taking unique pictures, the Animal Kingdom is filled with hidden gems, and picking just one is a challenge.

When holding our feet to the fire, ouch that’s warm, we’d have to say Africa is the best place to snap great photo ops. Throughout the land there’s loads of nuances that most people accidentally overlook as our focus is usually more about chasing down a yeti. Taking 5 minutes to look around you’ll see the amount of work Disney Imagineering put into the land to make as authentic as possible. From the old bicycle shop and the boats docked along the riverbed, we’ve found a lot of cool picture spots.

Passholder Insights:The Kilimanjaro Safari is a great place to capture pictures of the animals. We’d recommend selecting sport mode on your phone or camera. Those animals can move quick!


Everywhere you turn around the parks you can find Disney picture locations that capture the authenticity of the location they’re trying to represent. We love taking a few moments to take in everything, and it always helps us destress our Disney vacations. It’s time to snap away. Don’t forget the castle pick!

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