Chewy of course! Is there anyone better to co-pilot the Millennium Falcon than the most famous Wookie or any Wookie? We think not. The question we need to answer is, are you ready to fly the fast hunk of junk in the galaxy? Who are we kidding, we know you’re ready. We’re back from our trip to Batuu and ready to share our tips, tricks, and insights around flying the Millennium Falcon. Where’s Hondo Ohnaka? We’re ready to make the Kessel Run!

Full scale Millennium Falcon at Walt Disney World's Galaxy's Edge
Outside Smugglers Run

There It Is!  

We’re home! Rounding the corner, you get the reveal every Star Wars fan has waited for their entire life for. Whether it’s morning, afternoon or night, the sight of seeing the Millennium Falcon for the first time is jaw-dropping. From the overall size to every possible detail, it feels like at any moment it could take-off. What really makes the Millennium Falcon shine are moments where it comes alive, we’re talking about the little puffs of air to the sublight thrusters powering up. No detail is too small.

Passholder Insights:  There are two photopass opportunities for the Millennium Falcon. The first is directly in front of it. The second in the upper platform outside of Docking Bay 7. 


Millennium Falcon Stand-by queue
Stand-By Entrance

Queueing Up

Worth the wait! The line for Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run begins with a trip around the infamous starship. You walk in front, under and around the hunk of junk, make sure to have those cameras ready. The closer we got to the ship the More details we found. The craziest part is you can feel the “weight” of the starship.

Heading into the building for Smugglers Run you’re heading into the best queue at Walt Disney World. It’s so good, we’ll have to update our best queues list. Every time we walk through the queue we find new details. There’s a game Sabacc left mid-turn, any guesses who’s going to win? By far the crown jewel are the windows that give you a birds-eye view of Millennium Falcon.

Passholder Insights: Keep an eye on the engine within the queue as you wrap around it. From time to time something magical happens.

Hondo Ohnaka animatronic from the Millennium Falcon attraction
Honda Ohnaka

Pre-Show Numero Uno 

What’s up Hondo?! Heading into your first pre-show you meet up with Hondo Ohnaka to brief you on your upcoming mission. Your interaction wraps up with you finding out that Chewy has agreed with Hondo to loan you his favorite vessel to help find coaxium. If you’re anything like Nate you’ll be in awe of the Hondo animatronic. You feel as if Hondo could step down from his perch and shake your hand. Don’t blink or he very well could do it.

Passholder Insights: It sounds counterintuitive but hang back in the room in order to be the last guest out of the room, has Hondo’s dialogue carries on after the doors open.

Millenium Falcon Dejarik Board
Dejarik Board

Pre-Show Two  

Waiting area or pre-show? We’re calling it a pre-show. Prior to heading into the second waiting area, you’ll be grouped up in teams of 6 people. The teams will consist of two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. After receiving your assignment you board the Millennium Falcon and come eye to eye with the Dejarik chessboard. Grab a seat and grab a picture. You’ll be in here until cast members calls your group color. Definitely wander around, as there are tons of little details to discover and before you know it’s time to board the Falcon.

When you’re color is called the cast member organizes your group by role, and it’s time to head to the cockpit. That’s right, you walk down the hallway we’ve scene on the big screen for the 30+ years. Just prior to entering the cockpit you’re greeted by Hondo one last time. We have the need, the need for speed! Thanks, Tom! We know you’re a Top Gun.

Passholder Insights: If you would like a picture at the Dejarik Chess Board, head there right away. Your time in this waiting area tends to be very short. 

Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon
Inside the Cockpit

Let’s Fly! 

Lightspeed to find some coaxium. Your overall experience aboard the Millennium Falcon depends on how each team member performs in their role. The roles are brokedown to a right and left pilot. Left pilot handles the left and right and the right pilot controls the up, down and lightspeed. Oh yeah! The right pilot is where it’s at. Communication is the key to success when piloting the ship. The left and right controls tend to be a little more touchy than the up and down.

Second roles include a left and right gunner. Someone has to protect the ship, and that’s up to gunners. Each gunner controls the blaster on their side of the ship. You can choose between auto and manual targeting. For your first flight, we recommend going with auto-targeting. If you’re not concerned around accuracy, you can hold down the “firing” button, and sit back and enjoy the ride!

Last but not least are the engineers. Similar to the gunners the engineers are responsible for their individual sides of the vessel. Responsible for making sure the ship stays in decent condition the engineers’ level of work depends on how well the pilots fly. 

Passholder Insights: If you’re in the regular line, you can ask to wait to be a pilot. All you need to do is ask the cast member handing out the roles. 

Walking down the hallways on the Millennium Falcon
Hallways On Millenium Falcon

The Experience 

Teamwork is where it’s at! Hondo is by your side as you search for the coaxium. He provides insights and highlights the buttons and triggers to help you along. What makes Smuggler Run an amazing experience is the how real it feels. Without the assistance of 3D glasses, you can feel the depth of the environment, it’s like you’re really there.

When your trip is complete, Hondo tallies up the credits you earned based on the amount of coaxium you delivered, along with what you owe him for the damage to the MilleniumFalcon. What’s amazing is how the credits you earn carry forward onto the Play Disney Parks app.

Disembarking the ship, you exit back down the hallway…potentially a little more damaged than when you first boarded. The level of damage will change based on how well your team flies. 

Passholder Insights: For an empty picture of the cockpit, the best time is when you’re exiting the ride. 

Millennium Falcon FastPass Check In Points
FastPass Stations

What About FastPass?

It’s on the horizon. At the time of writing this article, the FastPass queue for the Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run is not active. The attraction does have a specific line for FastPass, it is just not being used. If we had to predict, we’re guessing FastPass selections will become an option once the Rise of Resistance attraction opens on December 5, 2019.  

Single Rider

It’s definitely an option. To the left of the main entrance of the attraction, you’ll find the single rider line. There’s a couple of important things to know about the single rider line. When entering the single rider line you’ll find two options when walking into the main area, a left side and ride side. Both head up different staircases. When arriving in the room if you find the line for either option at the bottom of the stairs, more than likely it will be a 30+ minute wait.

The second is your role on the flight. When riding via the single rider, the majority, if not all the time, you’ll end up as an engineer. If you’re looking to pilot the Millennium Falcon, it’s definitely worth waiting for. We found the single rider line is a great way to add in additional flights. 

Passholder Insights: Ask the cast member what the wait is for the single rider line before entering the queue. With the attraction being able to mix and match to form its groups six, the single rider tends to move a lot slower than most. 

Our Thoughts 

Homerun! We absolutely enjoyed the attraction, it was a dream come true to fly the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. It’s more than just a ride, it’s an experience. The experience begins the moment you walk up to the entrance. Just seeing the Millennium Falcon docked outside is impressive. As we made our way through the queue our excitement grew and grew, just prior to boarding the ship we felt everything come together. Our excitement combined with nerves (no one wants to be a bad pilot) made for a moment that we’ll remember forever. 

Experiences will vary for everyone depending on your role and your attachment to the Star Wars universe. For us, either pilot or gunner is where it’s at. The engineer is a great second or beyond ride. What makes the attraction is seating front and center controlling where your experience takes you. 

What’s that Chewy? You need a co-pilot? We’ve got to go! 

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