Ask and you shall receive! Receive what? Epcot Fastpass Strategies that is. In a theme park built around culture experiences and travel based attractions, there is something for every member of your group,even the littlest one. There is more than meets the eye in this unique theme park. In today’s DVC Duo ride guide we’re tackling Epcot Fastpass Strategies built around different ride experiences. Put on your walking shoes, we’re taking a trip around the world!

Original Test Track Fastpass Entrance
Test Track Fastpass Entrance

First Things First

It’s always good to know the basics before diving into the deep end. In our Fastpass essentials article we cover everything from how to book, when to book, and all aspects in between. For our Epcot Fastpass Strategies guide the most import thing to understand will be tiers. Unlike the Magic Kingdom, where Fastpass tiers are not used, Epcot breaks up the Fastpass options into two tiers. Below is breakdown our the tiers:

Tier One

Tier Two

  • Living with the Land
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Mission Space
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends
  • Pixar Short Film Festival
  • Journey Into Imagination With Figment
  • Turtle Talk with Crush

With Fastpass tiers you’re able to select one attraction from tier one, then two attractions from tier two. Once you have completed your first three fastpasses you can select another tier one attraction, if one is available.

Passholder Insights: We would recommend not booking Illuminations as your tier one Fastpass as the night time spectacular has great viewing areas all around World Showcase Lagoon that do not need a Fastpass.

Test Track is part of our Epcot Fastpass Strategies
Test Track Entrance

Covering Distance

Ready, set, go! In this Epcot Fastpass strategies category we’re talking about the attractions that will get you from here to there in a matter seconds. Where’s there? It’s Test Track, Mission Space, and Spaceship Earth. Whether you’re look to travel to space, through time, or even around the track, these attractions got you covered. We like to book Mission Space and Tesk Track back to back, as they’re in close proximity to each other.

If you have time between your Mission Space and Test Track Fastpasses you can always take a second trip around the track. Test Track has one the faster (pun intended) single rider lines at Walt Disney World. The single rider line is a great way to get an extra ride, or experience the attraction if you use your tier one Fastpass on another attraction.

One important thing to understand about the covering distance category is that both Mission Space and Test Track attractions have a minimum height requirement of 40 inches.

Passholder Insights: Mission Space has two ride options (green and orange). The orange is the more intense experience where you’ll feel 2.5 G’s of g-force. If you experience motion sickness we’d recommend the green option.

As part of our Epcot Fastpass Strategies.
Journey Into Imagination

Smiles All Around

A Walt Disney World vacation is filled with happy moments, and these attractions will definitely put a smile on your face. This Epcot Fastpass strategies category is fun for the whole family with attractions everyone can enjoy, from Frozen Ever After, to Turtle Talk with Crush, and the Seas with Nemo and friends. A good swap out for Nemo and Friends would be Journey Into Imagination with Figment. We may only have a short time left to experience the current version of the attraction.

Frozen Ever is one of the harder Fastpasses to get. If you’re unable to reservation a Frozen Fastpass we’d recommend one of the following options. Rope dropping is a great way to way to see the attraction, or other another way is to wait until the end of the day. If you’re not interested in seeing the night time specular you can step into line just before the show starts you’ll usually have less of a wait.

Passholder Insights: When rope dropping Frozen Ever After you’ll want to stay towards the left of the entrance, as the Norway pavilion will on the left of the World Showcase.

Living with the Land is part of our Epcot Fastpass Strategies
Inside Living with the Land

Land, Air, and Space

Let’s kick back and enjoy the ride. In our last Epcot Fastpass Strategies category we’re taking from the land, to space, and back with rides on Soarin’, Living with the Land, and Spaceship Earth. A group of attractions that are perfect for taking a break from the heat, while taking in some amazing sights. Similar to the covering distance grouping, we like to book our Soarin’ and Living with the Land Fastpasses back to back, as both are in the land pavilion.

Passholder Insights: The best seats on Soarin’ on the “B” group. If it’s a less busy day, you can ask a cast member for a seat in this section.

Our Thoughts

Our best advice around Epcot Fastpass strategies is to stay flexible on the times for your tier one attraction. We like to book our tier one first then fill in the rest accordingly. What’s great about Epcot attractions is you can usually enjoy most of the tier two attractions without a Fastpass, and one our favorites, The Three Caballeros, doesn’t even need one. For the tier one attractions we do not get a Fastpass for we tend to either experience them first thing in the morning or as the last thing we do.

Epcot is one of those parks we enjoy regardless of which of the Epcot Fastpass strategies we use. There’s tons to see and enjoy around the World Showcase, from shows to shopping or any of our favorite restaurants like Le Cellier, you cannot go wrong. You’ll find us smiling around the world!

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