Did you pack enough socks? You can never pack enough socks. Creating your Disney packing list is half the battle, the other half is making it all fit in your luggage. Who hasn’t sat atop there luggage at some point hoping zipper will close. Over the years, we’ve packed for many trips and learn a few tips and tricks. Got your pen? Good, we’re building out the DVC Duo Disney packing list!

Our Disney packing list includes Disney T-shirts
Disney T-Shirts

The Given 

You know, the important stuff. We’re going to save our fingers a little typing on this Disney packing list, as we’re sure you know to pack clothes. During the hotter months, you can never go wrong with Dri-Fit clothing. Our recommendation is to add a couple of extra t-shirts (Disney shirts of course), socks, and at least two pairs of shoes (sandals, etc) that are comfortable for walking. We’ve learned over the years that no matter how comfortable that pair shoes you own are, at Disney World, your feet need to change it once and while. 

Passholder Insights: The inside of shoes make for great places to pack socks. We usually put socks, gym clothes, etc into our shoes to save space. 

The Weather  

This is central Florida. If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change. Florida is known for rain showers and our Disney packing list takes this into consideration. Whether you’re a fan of the poncho, raincoat, umbrella or any combination of them, you’ll definitely want to include these items for each member of your party. Disney World does offer ponchos and umbrellas when it becomes a rainy day at the Magic Kingdom, or any of the other parks, however, the cost will be higher than your local department store.

When the sun is shining we’re all happy. To stay a happy camper we recommend bringing your favorite sun protection. Whether it’s a hat, sunscreen, Dri-Fit shirts, cooling towels, or fans, they are all important, especially in the summertime. At Walt Disney World summer weather usually runs from April to November, but also check the weather ahead of time. When it comes to sunscreen we’ll usually bring a couple of different sized bottles, a larger one from the room and travel size for the parks. 

Passholder Insights: In late fall, winter and early spring, the temperatures can vary a bit. Cool mornings followed by hot days and cold nights. We’ve found that layers are the way to go. If you’re traveling during these times we recommend thin layers that can be put on or removed easily.

Tech Time 

Charge away! From the My Disney Experience app to the Play Disney Parks app and everything else we use our smartphones for, like taking pictures, your battery will be pushed to the extreme. We recommend adding an external battery pack for charging your mobile devices to your Disney packing list. There are a variety of options out there, the one we use is the following by RAVPower. Additionally, you’ll find USB stationing plug popping up all are Disney World, for example, Tambu Lounge just added new plugs. We always keep a USB charging cable in our park bag. In a pinch, you’ll find Fuel Rod stations around the parks. We’ve found these work well, the only downside is trying to locate the different stations and usually, the my only charge our devices about halfway.

Definitely bring your favorite camera. For us, we usually end up using our iPhone XS. Believe it or not most of the wonderful pictures and videos on our blog were taken with a phone. There are definitely better cameras out there depending on what level of photography you’re looking to do. 

Passholder Insights: We always like to put our pair headphones (with mic) into our park bag for those times we need to a call. 

An autographic book is on the Disney Packing List for the kids

For The Kids 

We can’t forget about the little ones! First and foremost is the autograph book. Mickey needs something sign when you go to wish him a happy birthday. Picking up an autograph book before you head down to the parks is a great idea, as there tend to be more options outside the parks. A great idea is to leave room in the autograph book to add the picture either from the Disney Memory Maker to your own of the character encounter. #Memories 

Next on the Disney pack list for the little ones is blanket. No not blanket to snuggle up in (not that it’s a bad idea to bring one), but one to sit on while waiting for Happily Ever After or the parade. It’s a great way to keep those shorts clean, as you never know what you may find on the ground.

Keeping cool is the name of the game during the summer months. A fan that clips to a stroller or that’s portable is great for keeping the air flowing and everyone cool. Disney does offer fans with misting on them. We’ve found these are great for the extremely hot days, just make sure to reapply the sunscreen as the mist and sweat combination is not great for the sunscreen.

Passholders Insights: Snacks! We know how little ones get those hungry moments. At Walt Disney World you can bring in your kid’s favorite snacks. For us, we like to put a few of our favorite granola bars in the park bag. 

We recommend adding medication to your Disney Packing List - if you forget anything the resorts have limited options
Medication at Disney Resorts

Emergency Supplies 

Clean hands make everyone happy. Our Disney packing list always includes either hand sanitizer or some type of wipe for cleaning our hands. The parks are filled with tons of people and it’s always good to clean up your hands before diving into your favorite popcorn

Beyond, clean hands we pack a variety of medications like ibuprofen, allergy medication, band-aids, and any other medication we think we will need. Disney World resorts do offer a good selection of over the counter medication if needed but are usually at a premium.  

Passholder Insights: While in the parks if you need a band-aid just a cast member as many of them have some available or will be able to direct to the nearest spot to find one. 

Park Bag 

Traveling light. The top of our Disney packing list is our park bag. Throughout the years we’ve tried a variety of bags from larger backpacks to over the shoulder sling-style bags, to even packing our pockets. Our bag usually consists of our water bottles, cell phone charger, rain gear or layers, a couple of granola bars, and our travel sunscreen. Everyone is going to be a little different in what they need, the big thing is having a bag that’s comfortable and fits the important stuff. 

Our Thoughts 

Building a Disney packing list is not easy, what we always tell ourselves is we need the essentials. There is definitely a lot of things you could bring on a trip from portable hampers and organizers, and if your luggage has room for it, it definitely doesn’t hurt to bring. Our clothes are laid out let’s cross our fingers everything fits in! 

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