Riding in style! We’re not talking about any ordinary mini-van, no we’re talking about the Disney Minnie Vans. Themed after the fashion icon herself, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Vans are the ultimate way to get around Walt Disney World. Since its launch in the summer of 2017, the service has expanded from only being available at Disney’s Boardwalk, and Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club, to cover all points on Disney property and beyond! Let’s request a Minnie Van and get this show on the road!

What Is It?

It’s a mini-van, duh! Come on, Nate. Well, it’s actually not a mini-van, but a Chevy SUV (Traverse) outfitted with red paint with polka dots, in true Minnie fashion. At the root of it, Disney Minnie Vans is a ride-share service similar to Uber or Lyft. The SUV is designed to handle up to 6 six guests and all have two child safety seats on board. Additionally, select Minnie Vans are designed to handle an electronic conveyance vehicle (ECV) when requested through the service specialist by calling (407) 828-3500.

Passholder Insights: When requesting a vehicle fit for an ECV you’re able to make the request up to 60 minutes in advance of your desired departure time.

How’s It Work?

When at Walt Disney World your new best friend is your smartphone. Whether you’re making additional FastPass selections or looking at your newest ride photo, most services at Disney World are available via the My Disney Experience app.

From the My Disney Experience app, you’ll be directed to either install or use the Lyft app. Walt Disney World uses the Lyft platform for managing Minnie Van requests, however, all Minnie Van drivers are Disney cast members. Once in the Lyft app, you can select any destination on Walt Disney World property and select the Minnie Van as your vehicle option. Then off you go!

Passholder Insights: Downloading the Lyft before your trip is a great way to save time and data. Additionally, you can kick-off the service directly from the Lyft app once installed.

Where To Go?

Options, we’ve got so many options! What’s great about the Disney Minnie Van is they can go almost anywhere on Disney property, when request from within Walt Disney World. You can go from one park to another or easily get from resort to resort. There are a couple of things that are good to know. The Minnie Vans will not go to the following locations on Disney Property, The Swan and Dolphin Resort, Four Seasons Resort, Bonnet Creek Resort area, Disney or any of the Good Neighbor hotels.

Beyond the Walt Disney World, the Minnie Vans are also available by reservations for trips to and from the Orlando International Airport. Similar to the Disney Magical Express, the service only goes to the Orlando International Airport, not the Sanford Airport. All trips to and from the airport should be reserved in advance (up to six months) through the service specialist which can be reached at (407) 939-7529. The Disney Minnie Vans can also be scheduled to transport you to and from a Disney resort to the Disney Cruise terminal.

On October 16, 2019, Walt Disney World expanded the airport service to include The Swan and Dolphin Resort, Four Seasons Resort, the Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels, Bonnet Creek Resorts, and Flamingo Crossing Resorts. All reservations would need to be made through a Disney Authorized Travel Agent or the Disney Reservation Center.

Passholder Insights: Disney Minnie Vans are the only rideshare service that is able to drop-off directly at the Magic Kingdom. All other services have to drop-off at the Transportation and Ticket Center where you pick-up the monorail or boat.

How Much?

The question we’re all asking ourselves. Similar to any rideshare service pricing varies based on the distance. The only time the Minnie Vans have a fixed rate is to and from the airport which is $150 each way. When doing a side by side comparison you can expect the Minnie Van to closer to the pricing of the luxury SUV than the baseline option.

What’s great about the Disney Minnie Vans is each of the vehicles are equipped with car seats. With other rideshare options only select vehicles have a car seat and tend to be in higher demand in the Walt Disney World area.

Passholder Insights: When taking a different rideshare service to either Contemporary Resort or Polynesian when you’re not staying at the resort you will more often than need to have a dining reservation.

Our Thoughts

Disney Minnie Vans are a unique experience. Walt Disney World has brought the familiar exceptional customer service to the rideshare business. The drivers go above and beyond to make your trip on you’ll always remember. From talking about Disney history to the latest movie release, they know it all when it comes to Disney.

For us, we see the Minnie Van service as something we use for special occasions. It’s definitely not an all the time only in the DVC Duo house. At the end of the day, we use the base Lyft option more often as it’s cost-effective and tends to lower wait times.

However, there’s something about rolling up to the Magic Kingdom in a Minnie Van listening to your favorite Disney song. Words can’t describe it. It’s something worth doing once for the experience. All right Minnie, let’s roll out!

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