Wow, that was quick! Not all Walt Disney World lines are created equal. We’re sharing the best Disney World queues, according to your favorite bloggers – us! Believe it or not, at some point during your Disney trip you’ll end waiting for an attraction. Whether you’re passing the time before your next Fastpass, or looking to take a break from the Florida heat, waiting in line can be enjoyable. Nothing like waiting in line at your local grocery store as the person in front you searches for their 10 cent coupon for 5 plus minutes (here, I’ll give you the dime!). No we’re talking about Disney World lines, where entertainment and magic come to life! Alright let’s hurry up so we can wait in the best Disney World queues!

Expedition Everest Best Disney World Queues
Artifacts in Expedition Everest Queue

Expedition Everest

Anticipation, it’s all about building up the anticipation. As the ominous mountain looms in the distance, you’ll travel though base camp preparing for your ascent up Mt. Everest. Making your way through the line you learn about the mythical creature whose very mountain you’re looking to conquer. From the tattered hiking gear, to the numerous prayer flags wishing you well, and even molds of the Yeti’s footprints you are well prepared expedition!

What makes Expedition Everest one of the best Disney World queues is the storytelling. Disney Imagineers spent months in Nepal learning the stories and culture surrounding the Yeti, and they bring it to life in the line. The queue is filled with original artifacts from their travels. You can spend hours looking through everything and not see it all. Plus, the majority of the queue is shaded which is perfect for those hot summer days. Just remember Florida summer starts in February and runs until December!

Passholder Insights: Believe it or not, the most intense place to sit on the attraction is the back. If you’re looking for the most thrilling ride jump in the back at night!

Star Tours is one of the most underrated Best Disney World queues
C3PO In Star Tours Queue

Star Tours  

Off to Hoth! Not quite yet. Before we strap in for a tour through the galaxy, we have to make our way through the terminal there’s protocol even in a galaxy far, far, away. As you make your way through the Ewok’s forest on Endor, you enter Stars Tours terminal where you’re greeted by none other than C3PO. Making your way through, you’ll hear announcements and catch a few short videos. Keep an ear out as the announcements are filled with great Star Wars puns, they have Nate laughing every time! Just prior to boarding you’ll encounter one last droid, let’s just say they save the best droid for last, no spoilers here!

One of the most underrated lines on our best Disney World queues list has to be Star Tours. Often overlooked for the newer interactive queues, Star Tours delivers a perfect transition from Hollywood Studios into the attraction. The “terminal” feel gears you up for your galactic adventure, all while keeping you entertained as you wait. If only all terminals could be so fun! We may have a limited time left to enjoy this unique queue, so get in line while you still can.

Passholder Insights: For a more thrilling ride on Star Tours try to sit in the corners of the vehicle.

The top Best Disney World Queues is Flight of Passage.
Flight of Passage Queue

Flight of Passage

Is it a queue or walk-through attraction? Just like a tootsie-pop, we may never know! Beginning in the heart of Pandora, you wind your way through the Pandora mountain range into the caves and discover the abandoned RDA lab. As you are traveling through the queue take in the environment as you can see the changes taking effect, as nature struggles to rebuild after being destroyed by the RDA. The attraction style queue is capped off with one of the most advanced animatronics in all of Walt Disney World. Wait for it, wait for it. Sadly yes, you’ll have to wait in line to see it.

Besides being one of our top rides in the Animal Kingdom, Flight Passage delivers from the moment you step into line. As you make your way into the caves, take a moment to look out and see all the detail within the floating mountains. You can feel the weight of them! Capping off the queue are the two pre-shows, prior to the attraction. From the opinion of two people who haven’t seen Avatar (we know, we know), the pre-shows do an amazing job bringing the most novice guest up to speed on what is an Avatar and a banshee. Once you experience it, you’ll know why it’s one the best Disney World queues.

Passholder Insights: Please note that the Flight of Passage queue does not have bathrooms along the way. If you need to step out of line, we would recommend connecting with cast member, as they will be able to assist.

Our Thoughts

Waiting in line is part of Walt Disney World, and that’s a good thing. It’s the perfect time to chat with your family or group, and take it all in. A Disney vacation can feel like a whirlwind of great moments that went by too fast. For us, the queues and waiting for things are great ways to slow things down for a moment. Disney does an outstanding job building queues that tell stories, and keep you entertained to the where the time passes pretty quickly, all in all. Next time you’re in line take a look around, you never know who you may run into – like us!

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