The greatest show at Walt Disney World is…::we interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you this infomercial…:: Just kidding! But seriously, you’ll have to read on to find out the best Disney shows according to the DVC Duo. Disney World is filled with tons of things to see and do, both inside and outside the parks. Often overlooked, the stage shows at Walt Disney World are nearly Broadway quality. Besides being a great way to cool off from the Florida sauna, frequently referred to as summer, you have the opportunity to sit and relax enjoying high-quality stage entertainment. With 4 theme parks and multiple shows at each it’s a tough competition. We’re going to tread lightly, as no one has time for a broken leg. Got your popcorn? Great, it’s on with the show!

Festival of the Lion King, best Disney shows
Festival of the Lion King

Animal Kingdom

It’s Simba’s year isn’t it? In a year where the Animal Kingdom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of it’s most famous lion, it should be no surprise our favorite that show is Festival of the Lion King. A show that originally was designed to be temporary, has now become a staple of Animal Kingdom. Along the pathway between the Pandora and Africa sections of the park you’ll find the theater for one of the best Disney shows, if not the best in all of the parks. Filled with singing, dancing, acrobatic monkeys, fire dancers, and your favorite Lion King characters, the show delivers on all levels.

Depending on which Disneyphile you ask, the star of the show is the fire dancer. Jaw dropping to say the least, every time we see him perform, it still amazes us. Overall, from start to finish the show draws everyone in, from kids to adults. Just try to wipe the smiles off our face when we watch.

Finding Nemo is one of the Best Disney Shows
Finding Nemo

Honorable mention to that is that adorable little clown fish, Nemo. What they do with puppets has us in awe. Definitely on par as one of best Disney shows. We would highly recommend checking it out if you enjoyed the movie. Please be aware the show is about 40 minutes in length.

Passholder Insights: The show begins letting people with FastPass into the theater about 30 minutes prior to the show followed by stand by. There are no bad seats for this show.

Eat to the Beat on the Best Disney Shows
Boyz ll Men at Eat to the Best


Does the theater make the show? In Epcot it definitely does help. The centerpiece of the World Showcase is the America pavilion, specifically the America Gardens Theatre. Throughout the year the theater hosts a variety of shows from the Guardians of Galaxy, Awesome Mix Live, to the Candlelight Processional, and all the festival shows. What makes it one of the best Disney shows for us is the variety. No matter the time of year, you’ll find something cool to enjoy.

We love the Eat to Beat concert series. Every year for the Food and Wine Festival Disney brings in a variety of musical acts to perform in the America Gardens Theatre. With the majority of the acts being from the nineties, it’s a great flashback to our childhood. We’re looking at you Boyz II Men!

Passholder Insights: During the festivals Epcot offers dinner packages that include the a seat for the shows. It’s a great way to reserve a seat if there’s a particular act that’s your must see.

Plane on fire at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Hollywood Studios  

It’s an oldie but a goodie! What are we talking about? We’re talking about the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. One of the oldest attractions at Hollywood Studios the stunt show is a nod to how stunts were performed before CGI. From throwing punches, to taking drops from heights, and even explosives, it’s a great throwback to old Hollywood. It’s one of Nate’s all-time favorites, especially for its nostalgic value.

With Star Wars Galaxy Edge opening in the not too distant future, there are rumors flying around how long the stunt show will remain as it is today. It is very possible we could be seeing an all new Indiana Jones attraction soon.

Passholder Insight: Usually you don’t need a Fastpass for the shows, except in the extremely busy times of years. When Star Wars Galaxy Edge Opens in August, this could change for Hollywood Studios and the Indiana Stunt Show.

One of the Best Disney Shows is the Enchanted Tiki Room
Enchanted Tiki Room

Magic Kingdom

Created by the man himself, one the best Disney shows at the Magic Kingdom is the Enchanted Tiki Room. An original attraction at the Magic Kingdom, it’s like stepping back in time when you enter the Tiki Room. Filled with vintage animatronics the room comes to life with tropical birds singing Polynesian inspired songs. The show is around 20 minutes in length and full of infectious jingles. If you enjoy classic Disney animatronics, and fun tropical themed songs this is your show.

One of the coolest parts of the show is the totem that comes to life in the queue. If you’re waiting line try to center yourself around the waterfall and wait for the magic.

Passholder Insights: The Tiki Room is food friendly, you can bring in a snack while enjoying the show, Dole Whip anyone?

With tons of shows there is really no bad choice at Walt Disney World. Looks like Simba is getting ready to take the stage, we better grab our seats. We’ll see you after the curtain call!

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